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The Latest Stuff Coming To Halo Infinite You Should Know About

Earlier this summer, developer 343 Industries hosted what was basically a beta for Halo Infinite, the story of one man’s quest to fall in love with a computer. It was bonkers. This week, over on Halo Waypoint, 343 detailed what’s in store for Infinite’s second beta (and, to a lesser degree,...

343 Is Changing Halo Infinite's Motion Tracker To Be More Like The Old Games

On Friday, 343 Industries released a lengthy post summarizing many of the changes, fixes, and improvements made to Halo Infinite after receiving tons of feedback from its technical preview in August. One of the biggest changes is that the motion tracker is being tweaked and will operate more like...

It's 2021 And Halo 3 Is Still Getting New Maps

Good games don’t die, they just get old. Halo 3 is a very good (and yes, very old) game, being released back in 2007. But 13 years later it is still getting new maps. This time, 343 Industries is adding a remake of a classic Halo 2 map into the Master Chief Collection version of Halo 3. Read more

Halo Infinite Release Date Leaks, Out In December

After one metric infinity of waiting, Halo Infinite finally has a release date. The next chapter in Master Chief’s saga will come out on December 8 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC, according to a since taken-down listing on the Microsoft store, as spotted by the Italian site Aggiornamenti...

Halo Infinite's New Radar Sucks

Over the weekend, 343 Industries ran a technical test for Halo Infinite, allowing the wider public a chance to go hands-on with one of the year’s anticipated shooters. By most measures, Infinite’s multiplayer component shows promise, somehow both capturing that Halo quintessence while also feeling...

Halo Infinite’s Rough Start Test Is Slowly Getting Better

At 6:41 p.m. ET last night, fans expected to give Halo Infinite a spin in the game’s first “technical test.” Instead, technical issues pushed the undefined launch time back by an unspecified amount. Problems regarding the test continued through Thursday night and into Friday morning.Read more

Halo Infinite Has 'Drop Weapon' Button, So Don't Kill Me To Get Sniper

Halo Infinite has been marketed by Microsoft and creators 343 Industries as a return to classic Halo. But that doesn’t mean everything is the same as before. For example, 343 has added a drop weapon button to the game, a series first that will help anyone who needs to give their buddy a power...

Halo Infinite Release Date Narrowed Down To 'A Few Weeks,' Phil Spencer Says

Although a firm Halo Infinite release date has yet to be set, internal talks at Microsoft surrounding when to launch the game have narrowed from the months-long holiday 2021 release window to a handful of weeks, Xbox head Phil Spencer explained during a recent appearance on the Dropped Frames...

Halo Infinite Multiplayer: All Your Biggest Questions, Answered

Microsoft officially unveiled a whole lot of info about Halo Infinite at its E3 presentation yesterday. As previously announced, the multiplayer mode will be entirely free-to-play at launch, and it will also feature one kickass grappling hook. Today, in a 12-minute mini-doc, 343 Industries pulled...

Just Cause Studio's Next Title Is An Open-World Co-Op Game

Just Cause developer Avalanche Studios’ next game was revealed during today Xbox broadcast at E3 2021. Contraband is a joint venture between Avalanche and Xbox Game Studio, making it exclusive to Xbox systems and available on Game Pass at launch.Read more

The Year Is 2021 And I Just Played A New Official Halo 3 Map

The Master Chief Collection’s latest season, Season 6: Raven, launched last week on April 7 for Xbox and PC. I’ve been busy with Outriders, so I didn’t get to check it out until now. This update adds a lot, but the most exciting new piece of content is a new map for Halo 3.Read more

Halo 3 Is Getting A New Map Over A Decade After Release

Halo 3 received its last official new map all the way back in 2009, as part of the Mythic II Map Pack release. Now, 343 Industries has announced that a new map, first featured in Halo Online, will be added to the next round of Master Chief Collection beta testing. Read more

Halo 4 Is A Lot Better Than Its Soundtrack

Welcome to Morning Music, Kotaku’s daily hangout for folks who love video games and the cool-ass sounds they make. Today, we return to the combat-filled levels of Halo 4 for some...actually, rather forgettable music.Read more

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