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Oh Snap, Bayonetta's Got Braids In Third Game

Let’s go boys! During today’s Nintendo’s Direct event, we finally got a more in-depth look at Bayonetta 3. And as you can see above, the titular witch has a fresh new look and a 2022 release date.Read more

Here's Why Folks Think Nintendo Might Be Bringing N64 To Switch

If you’ve been on Twitter lately, you may have noticed that folks are spinning their gears contemplating the nature of a mysterious “game controller” application that Nintendo just filed with the Federal Communications Commission. Most seem to think it’s related to a rumored, upcoming expansion...

The World Seems Ready For A Nintendo Switch Price Cut

The Nintendo Switch has received its first price cut in certain parts of the world, dropping from €330 in Europe and €280 in the UK down to €270 and €260, respectively. But while fans hoped the same could happen in the U.S., especially with sites like VGC insisting a cut is coming, Nintendo says...

Fans Are Pissed About The Switch eShop’s Asset Flip Scourge

It’s no secret that the Nintendo eShop is awash in “shovelware,” low-quality games that seemingly only exist to take up space (and maybe turn a quick buck for the publisher). But over the past year or so, the eShop is facing an even more insidious publishing tactic: the so-called “asset flip.”Read...

Nintendo's Switch Testing Program Just Got Uglier

When a Nintendo Switch rolls off the proverbial factory conveyor belt, the systems don’t just get stuffed into boxes for sale. Nintendo tests all hardware to make sure that it runs correctly, of course. And as of the latest (and handy) Switch firmware update, the tool it uses to put the system...

The New Nintendo Switch OLED Doesn't Need 4K, Let's Be Real

For ages now, we’ve been hearing reports of an upgraded “Nintendo Switch Pro” that would, among other things, allegedly display games at 4K resolution. Tuesday morning, Nintendo surprised everyone by finally unveiling their next Nintendo Switch model, and while there are indeed improvements, they...

RIP Netflix On Nintendo Consoles

On June 30, Nintendo quietly pulled the plug on the Wii U and 3DS Netflix apps. Not only does this mean anybody still using these older consoles to watch Netflix are now screwed, but it also officially means that in the year 2021 there is no way to watch Netflix on a Nintendo device. This would...

The Nintendo Download: The Strange Olympics

The constant flow of new Nintendo Switch games slows to a relative trickle in the wake of E3 2021, with only 23 new games coming to the Switch eShop this week. They include Rebellion’s 2018 co-op supernatural shooter Strange Brigade, and Sega’s fresh take on the Tokyo Olympics. Read more

Nintendo Japan: Don't Co-Stream Our E3 Presentation

Later today, Nintendo will broadcast its Direct for this year’s E3. Leading up to the event, the Kyoto-based game company has issued a request on its Japanese Twitter account: Do not co-stream our presentation.Read more

The Nintendo Download: Save Us, Super Hero Girls

This week sees a mighty torrent of 47 new games barreling towards the Nintendo eShop. Can the DC Super Hero Girls save us from this tidal wave of games, or are they part of the problem? Read more

The Nintendo Download: Color Dots Connect Color Dots

There are 39 games coming to the Nintendo Switch eShop this week. One of them is called Color Dots Connect. Another is called Connect Color Dots. They are two different versions of the same sort of puzzle game. Nintendo really needs to rein this nonsense in. Read more

Miitopia On Switch Completely Ate My Weekend

I had things to do this weekend that weren’t running through endless random encounters in the console port of a ridiculous four-year-old 3DS role-playing game. The problem I encountered was that none of those other things were as simple and easy as picking up my Pro Controller and popping back into...

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Did you know the weekend was the best possible time to play an absurdist take on the traditional Japanese role-playing game? I just made that up, but it’s probably true. Read more

The Nintendo Download: Calculator And 28 Other Fun Games

What do you mean we’ve already done the calculator joke? Had I known I would have chosen a screenshot from one of the Famicom Detective Club games or random anime gem-matching game Kasiori. Oh well, nothing I can do about it now. Read more

The Nintendo Download: Lo-Fi Skateboarding And Pretty Girls Poker

It’s Nintendo Download day, the day when we get a look at the *checks list* 30 new games coming to the Switch eShop over the coming week. This week’s activities include chilling on a skateboard and playing poker with those boom anime babes that make you think the wrong thing. Read more

The Nintendo Download: That SaGa Frontier Life

Last week we restarted our weekly Nintendo Download feature, highlighting 31 games released for the Switch over the course of seven days. This week only sees 30 new games joining the lineup, including SaGa Frontier Remastered, FEZ, Pocoyo Party, and a bunch of crap you’ve never heard of. Read more

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