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Fidelity Investments’ Digital Asset Custody Services Arm Expands to Asia

Fidelity Digital Asset Services has revealed the company is expanding into Asia and plans to help high-net-worth investors and family offices in the region with custodial crypto products. Fidelity is working with the Singaporean startup Stack Funds, a fully-insured custody operation servicing...

Fidelity Digital Assets Expands Crypto Custody Service to Asia

The cryptocurrency-focused arm of financial services giant Fidelity Investments is teaming up with Singapore-based Stack Funds to cater to the growing demand for cryptocurrencies in Asia. A new partnership will bring Stack’s regional clients access to the secure custody services provided...

Microstrategy’s $250 Million Bitcoin Buy Consequential

When a publicly owned company decides to invest about $250 million in an asset that was widely attacked more than a decade ago, it says a lot about how the world has changed. The reasons and the timing of Microstrategy’s bitcoin incursion could not have come at a better time for...

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