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Wild Halo Infinite Bug Creates An Endless Wave Of Wet Floor Signs

It’s been said many, many times, but video games are very hard to make and stupid complex. So there will always be bugs. Some bugs are annoying and ruin a game. Other bugs, like some that are popping up in the Halo Infinite beta, are funny and just a hoot to look at it. Let’s look at some! Read more

Netflix's Live-Action Cowboy Bebop Intro Is Good

I’m still not sure how I feel about this upcoming Netflix adaptation of the classic Cowboy Bebop series, but thanks in large part to the show’s classic “Tank!” theme song, the intro is a banger at least.Read more

Hitman Comes To GOG And Gets Review Bombed Due To Online DRM

Earlier this week Hitman - Game of the Year Edition launched on GOG. But soon after, players began complaining and review bombing once they discovered that large parts of the stealth game were locked behind online DRM checks. This rubbed many the wrong way because GOG makes a big deal about being...

What Deathloop Gets Right And Wrong About Time Loops

Deathloop is the latest game to play around with time but it’s far from the only one. This summer’s divisive indie game 12 Minutes also centered around a repeating time loop, as have many other games, ranging from the star-charting Outer Wilds to the Nintendo 64 classic The Legend of Zelda:...

FFXIV Is Nerfing Belts, Not Removing Them

Rejoice, belt collectors of Final Fantasy XIV. Contrary to what some players and outlets believed, the developers aren’t removing belt items from the game entirely.In the notes for the latest 6.0 patch, known as the Endwalker expansion, the developers said that belts will no longer drop, and they...

The Biggest Fan Theories Sparked By That Bayonetta 3 Trailer

Joy be unto Jubelius! After 1386 days without any news following Bayonetta 3’s Game Awards teaser trailer way back in 2017, the bad Umbran witch is back, and on Bi Visibility Day no less. During yesterday’s Nintendo Direct, we not only got a sick-ass trailer, but also a tentative release window...

I Can't Believe We're Still Debating Halo's Aim Assist

Like a circular space structure imbued with the power to destroy all sentient life at the push of a button, some things just go on endlessly. Such is the case with discussion around aim assist features in Halo games. Chatter has kicked off fresh following the not-a-beta for the forthcoming Halo...

Okay Nintendo, We Helped Fill Out The Rest Of The Mario Movie Cast

Yesterday, Nintendo shocked the world when Shigeru Miyamoto announced the main cast for the upcoming animated Mario film. But only some main characters and their Hollywood counterparts were unveiled. Surely Nintendo does not need our help with the casting process, but why not have some fun with...

Kirby Going Full-On Super Mario Odyssey On The Switch Is Brilliant

Kirby fans finally get to feast. Yesterday, Nintendo announced Kirby and the Forgotten Land, a 3D adventure platformer set in a post-apocalyptic world whose ruin may or may not have been caused by a certain insatiable pink gelatinous mass. I’m optimistic—cautiously optimistic, but optimistic...

Lost In Random: The Kotaku Review

I play a lot of games for this job. That’s not a brag, it’s just a fact. And while many of those games are good, most of them tend to blend together. But whenever something comes along that is not only great but also feels fresh and incredibly memorable, it reminds me of how awesome games can...

Alleged Assault And Pokémon Card Robbery Makes National News In Japan

While nearly everyone who desperately wants Pokémon cards waits in line or pays premium prices on the internet, there are the occasional and unfortunate exceptions. In Japan, a 25-year-old man in Hiroshima is accused of attacking a college student as he exited a 7-11 with a box of newly purchased...

Nintendo's Low-Key Dad Joke For Splatoon 3 Was Pretty Good

Dad jokes are universal. In Japanese, dad jokes are called “oyagi gyagu,” with oygai meaning “one’s father” and gyagu meaning “gag” or “joke.” Like anywhere, these tend to be cheesy puns, but who can resist them? You you can, but I sure can’t, and it seems Nintendo’s Yoshiaki Koizumi cannot...

You Can't Make Me Use The N64 Controller Again, Nintendo

One of Nintendo’s cuter little announcements during the latest Direct was that, with N64 games coming soon to the system, the company will also start selling recreations of the console’s controller for you to play them on.Read more

Why The Splatoon 3 Devs Are The Best, In One GIF

Sometimes, during these surprise Nintendo Direct presentations, developers will just do the darnedest things. This includes the Splatoon 3 studio Nintendo Entertainment Planning & Development (Nintendo EDP) whose nondescript “squid researcher” dazzled us with both late-breaking research...

All The Biggest Announcements From Nintendo's Big September Direct

Today’s surprise Nintendo Direct offered 40 packed minutes of forthcoming Switch games, new content for old ones, and, er, teasers for forthcoming Directs about specific games like Smash and Animal Crossing. Below you’ll find all the big stories that came out of the presentation.Read more

Oh Snap, Bayonetta's Got Braids In Third Game

Let’s go boys! During today’s Nintendo’s Direct event, we finally got a more in-depth look at Bayonetta 3. And as you can see above, the titular witch has a fresh new look and a 2022 release date.Read more

The Super Mario Movie Coming In 2022 Has Quite The Cast

During the Nintendo Direct, Shigeru Miyamoto made a surprise appearance to announce that he and Chris Meledandri, CEO of Illumination studios, is working on a Mario movie. Miyamoto announced the star-studded Hollywood cast that will be voicing the iconic Mario characters.Read more

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