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Holo (HOT) Price Analysis: Holo’s Bullish Path You Can’t Afford To Miss

Holochain’s business is to boost in business application creation. The 2019 prediction goes with 0.01 USD target. Holo (HOT) is one of the least talked about coins in the market. But recently, there were stories of Holochain reportedly building more infrastructures with an aim to develop business...

Zilliqa (ZIL) Price Analysis: It Is Not A Good Time To Invest In Zilliqa

Zilliqa’s daily chart gives nothing but hopelessness as its bearish trend is so persistent that it is reaching its all-time lows in BTC in every passing day. Its intermediate trend is definitely bearish, and until unless there is a strong upsurge in its value, there is no possibility of ZIL...

Monero (XMR) Price Analysis: Will Monero Cross The 100 USD Mark In May?

Monero’s partnership with Fortnite has made it accessible to over 200 million users Monero moves upwards in the current market bull run Monero, a cryptocurrency ensuring non-traceability in every transaction, has always been in the news. Be it the strategic partnerships, a sudden rise in prices...

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