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AI-Controlled VTuber Streams Games On Twitch, Denies Holocaust

Neuro-sama is a VTuber who streams Minecraft and the rhythm game Osu! on Twitch. But unlike most anime avatars, she’s controlled by an artificial intelligence program rather than a human being. That makes her catnip for the denizens of Twitch chat, who can prompt her to respond with all sorts...

The Best And Worst Parts Of Every Mass Effect Game

It’s hard to hear the name BioWare without conjuring up some image from Mass Effect, its groundbreaking series of sci-fi RPGs. Mass Effect was pretty damn good. Whether you were in it for its smoochable aliens, expansive world building, or its choice-driven gameplay, Mass Effect had a little bit...

Dragon Ball Voice Actor And Narrator Joji Yanami Dies At 90

Joji Yanami was a mainstay in the Dragon Ball franchise. During his career, he voiced a number of Dragon Ball characters, as well as serving as the anime’s narrator. His agency Aoni Production announced that the veteran voice actor passed away on December 3 at the age of 90. Read more

KFC And Anime Kaguya-sama Keep Flirting On Twitter

In Japan, Kentucky Fried Chicken is a cultural institution. People not only love it but the Colonel’s chicken has been linked with Christmas for decades. And KFC, it seems, likes anime Kaguya-sama.Read more

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