Nalezeno "STETH": 13

Post-Merge ETH has become obsolete

Staked ETH is more capital efficient and more profitable than regular ETH, and platforms that offer liquid staking derivatives are bolstering its popularity

Crypto Exchange Kraken Backs Enterprise-Grade Liquid Staking Protocol

On Tuesday, the liquid staking firm Alluvial revealed a consortium of organizations will collaborate on the “first enterprise-grade multi-chain liquid staking protocol.” Alluvial’s announcement detailed the protocol will be known as the “Liquid Collective” and...

Coinbase Launches Wrapped Ethereum Liquid Staking Token Ahead of The Merge

The cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has introduced a new liquid staking ethereum derivative token ahead of Ethereum’s proof-of-stake (PoS) upgrade. The new ERC20 utility token is called coinbase wrapped ethereum, or CBETH, and it will allow people to stake their ether in a non-custodial...

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