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No One Warned Me About Hitman 2’s Cutscenes

Over the past few months, I, late to the party, have fallen head over heels for the new Hitman trilogy. Pretty much everyone I’ve spoken to, including several Kotaku colleagues, have said Hitman 2 is the best of the three, or at least the one I should play first. They did not mention how jarring...

Hitman 3 Is Getting DLC Based On The Seven Deadly Sins

Next week, Hitman 3 will receive downloadable content based on the seven deadly sins, developer IO Interactive announced in a blog post today. Just don’t expect it to be quite like the DLC from Hitman 2.Read more

Let's Rank The Hitman Trilogy Levels, From Worst To Best

With the release of Hitman 3, the latest Hitman trilogy has concluded. After three games and two DLC levels, the new entry has over 20 levels set around the globe and countless ways to kill people. Let’s rank them! Read more

What We Loved About Hitman 3

If there’s one thing Kotaku can’t get enough of, it’s Hitman 3. Between the wide-open levels, rapid-fire costume changes, and throwable bananas, IO Interactive’s latest stealth sandbox has enraptured many of us. Three of us (staff writer Ari Notis, staff editor Lisa Marie Segarra, and weekend...

Hey Agent 47, Slow Down On The Stairs, You Could Hurt Someone

I’ve been putting a bunch of time into Hitman 3 since it launched a few weeks ago. It’s very good, if a little too heavy on storytelling, but I can’t help but cringe a little every time I’m asked to follow an NPC up or down a flight of stairs.Read more

I Want IO's Upcoming 007 Game To Be Just Like Hitman's Train Level

The final level of Hitman 3 is an exciting and aggressive fight that moves across the length of a long cargo train filled with bad guys and guns. It’s also a bad Hitman level, but it might be our first sign of what an IO Interactive 007 game might look and play like. And that has me excited. Read...

Every Game Should Have A Train Level

Hitman 3 ends with one wild ride. The game’s first five levels are sprawling playgrounds that demand stealth, caution, and careful planning. The final level, “Untouchable,” is a fast-paced race through a train. It is, in a word, awesome. More, please! Actually, you know what? Just go ahead and...

Where To Find Every Banana In Hitman 3

Hitman 3 is b-a-n-a-n-a-s. IO Interactive’s latest stealth game puts you in the spit-shined oxfords of international assassin Agent 47 and tasks you with eliminating various well-protected targets. But the most effective tool at your disposal isn’t a firearm or vial of poison. No, it’s...

Hitman 3 Has Some Weird Easter Eggs, Like A Talking Hippo

The Hitman games have always had some weird secrets and Easter eggs. And Hitman 3 continues the tradition, including some truly strange and cool secrets, like a talking hippo, a UFO abduction, and a hidden ending.Read more

Help, I can’t stop KABONK-ing people in Hitman 3 VR

Every Friday, A.V. Club staffers kick off our weekly open thread for the discussion of gaming plans and recent gaming glories, but of course, the real action is down in the comments, where we invite you to answer our eternal question: What Are You Playing This Weekend? Read more

Hitman Player Tries To Kill Every NPC In One Map With A Single Rubber Ducky

Twitch streamer RTGame (meatspace name: Daniel) had a dream: to kill every NPC in a single Hitman level. But while you can find dozens of videos on YouTube of people doing the same thing, Daniel’s plan was a bit more explosive, chiefly because he intended to take out everyone at the same time....

Hitman 3 Is The Latest Game To Acknowledge Covid-19

Agent 47 isn’t the deadliest force of nature in Hitman 3. Covid-19 is. Yes, IO Interactive’s murdery sandbox is the latest video game to acknowledge the pandemic that has infected nearly 100 million people, killed more than 2 million, and upended life as we know it.Read more

Hitman 3: The Kotaku Review

Hitman 3 made me care more about its plot than crafting the perfect murder. The narrative, which I usually see as a flimsy excuse to play dress-up and cause globe-spanning mayhem, bleeds into the structure of its levels and creates some unexpected moments of emotion and vulnerability. Its dark...

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