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Fortnite Boss Slams Billionaire Tax He Doesn't Seem To Fully Understand

Surprise, surprise, Epic Games founder, Tim Sweeney, is not a fan of the new billionaire tax being proposed in Congress at the moment. The CEO of the company, which prints money thanks to Fortnite, said the tax would possibly “end founder control” of Epic Games, calling into question whether...

Intel Says CPU And GPU Shortages May Last Until 2023

Bad news to folks out there trying to get a new console like the PS5 or a fancy, more powerful graphics card for their aging PC. According to Intel, the ongoing semiconductor shortage will continue to make it hard to find and buy new electronics well into 2023. Read more

The Week In Games: Time To Buy Resident Evil 4 (Again)

One day, I’ll no longer walk this planet. I’ll be dust in history. But until then, I’ll be buying Resident Evil 4 over and over and over... Well, you get the idea. And now with a VR version of the classic game hitting Oculus Quest later this week, I’ll be buying it again.Read more

Here's Why Twitch's Giant Internal Leak Is Inundated With The Word 'Pizza'

Last week Twitch suffered a massive hack. Roughly 125GB of data was leaked online, including source code and top streamer earnings, as well as a bunch of files with bizarre references to pizza. Why? Twitch suffered another major hack back in 2014 and code-named the response to it “Urgent...

Apparently Walmart Is Now The Most Annoying Place To Buy A PS5

Recently, Kotaku’s emails have been inundated with tips from fans claiming Walmart is an egregiously horrible place to buy a PlayStation 5. And when we looked closer, it seemed like the wider internet beyond our inboxes agreed Walmart is a bad experience for next-gen consoles. Read more

Jeff Bezos Gets Plastered All Over Twitch Post Leak

Just days after Twitch suffered a giant security breach leaking over 125GB of data, the face of Amazon founder and chairman, Jeff Bezos, was seen trolling several of the streaming platform’s game directory pages. How it got there, or why, remains a mystery.Read more

Twitch Says 'Malicious Third Party' Was Behind Hack

Twitch has just issued an update after yesterday’s major attack on the service, which resulted in the theft and then public posting of, among other things, the platform’s source code. According to their ongoing investigation, a “a malicious third party” is responsible.Read more

Report: Twitch Is Hacked And Its Source Code Is In The Wild

According to a report by VGC, an anonymous hacker has posted a 125GB torrent link containing, well, all of Twitch, including its source code and commit history going back to the start. The leak also contains streamers’ incomes since 2019, and information that suggests the Amazon-owned streaming...

New World Still Bricking Expensive Graphics Cards, Say Players

Amazon’s colonialist resource extraction MMO, New World, is currently the hottest new game on Steam, quite literally in some instances. More than a few players are reporting loud fans and high graphics card temperatures while running the game, and occasionally even just while queueing for it....

Amazon Is Selling Used Xbox Series Xs At Scalper Markup Prices

Almost a year after the PS5 and Xbox Series X came out they’re still incredibly hard to find, and expensive, including at Amazon where the monopolistic retailer appears to be selling at least a few Microsoft consoles for roughly $1,000, or twice what they’re actually supposed to cost.Read more

Amazon Prime’s Free Games For October Are Shockingly Good

I have a boring ritual. Every few weeks, I make sure to check out the Prime Gaming Rewards page to see what free games are available. Most of the time it’s nothing too exciting, maybe a few good, smaller games along with some totally forgettable things I’ll never play. But October is different....

Amazon’s New World MMO Won’t Let You Name Yourself Jeff Bezos

No, you cannot name yourself Jeff Bezos or any variant thereof in Amazon’s recently released and incredibly messy Massively Multiplayer Online Colonization Simulator, The New World. This is unsurprising given the extremely fragile egos of the most powerful men on earth.Read more

New World Players Face Massive Queues, Wait Times On Overloaded Servers

Amazon’s new massively multiplayer online role-playing game New World opened its doors earlier today, reaching a peak of over 700,000 players. That said, not even Jeff Bezos’ piggy bank has kept the MMO’s grand debut from being plagued with the usual launch day woes, including ridiculous wait times...

Amazon MMO New World, As Told By Steam Reviews

It’s a new world, if not exactly a brave one. New World, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game published by Amazon, is officially out today for PC, marking the first legitimately successful game release for the planet’s most valuable company. (Pour one out for the super-face-planted...

Twitch And Music Industry Strike A Deal, But It's Not Great

Last year a music industry crackdown on streaming site Twitch resulted in copyright strikes and a mass deletion of videos, as the National Music Publishers’ Association (NMPA) sought to cut down on streamers playing licensed music. Twitch has now made a deal with the NMPA, but for streamers it’s...

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