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Fan Wants To Build An Open World Simpsons: Hit & Run

Hey, remember this time last year when Reubs whipped up a more modern version of the classic Simpsons: Hit & Run in just a week? Well he’s back in 2022 and has far more ambitious goals for the project.Read more

Someone Just Bought Two Super-Rare Golden Funko Pops For $100k Cash

On May 5, a man in Glendale, California met up with another man to buy from him a sealed two-pack of ultra-rare Funko Pops for $100k cash. This deal, the first six-digit Funko Pop sale ever recorded, is believed to be the largest in Funko Pop collecting history, and it might just be the start...

Stanley Parable Fans Find Ultra Rare Creeps You Likely Missed

Starting out in 2011 as a mod for Half-Life 2 before getting its own Source engine release on Steam as a standalone game just two years later, The Stanley Parable has become an undeniable classic. Its bizarre premise of the titular character stuck in an office, hopelessly navigating a labyrinth...

And Now, A Game Where You're A Serial Killer (But Also Have No Bones)

Shhh…be very quiet if you are reading this in bed. I don’t want to alarm you, but there might be a serial killer hiding under your mattress. However, he might also have no bones and can only wiggle and flail about to get anywhere, which gives you a big advantage. It’s also the setup for a silly...

'Sus' Has Made It Onto Jeopardy

Among Us didn’t invent the word, I know, but it’s certainly responsible for its explosion in popularity over the last few years, so it shouldn’t be too surprising to see “sus” finally make it onto the game show Jeopardy.Read more

SNL Showed A Perfect World Where Pokémon Control The White House

What’s a term for the midpoint between avidly viewing for entertainment, and hate-watching? That’s where I am with Saturday Night Live, as it meanders its way through these peculiar years. But this weekend’s episode was just outright funny, in a way I can’t remember the show being in years....

Steamed Hams Is Now A Playable Point-And-Click Adventure Game

The internet’s favorite Simpsons scene, often referred to as “Steamed Hams,” has been recreated in hundreds of strange ways over the years. Now someone has turned the whole thing into a playable point-and-click adventure game, not unlike classics like Monkey Island.Read more

G4 Host Slams Xplay Audience’s Sexist Expectations

Cult-hit gaming channel G4 has only been back for a few months after its nearly decade-long hiatus, and already the hosts are fed up with some of the assholes in the audience. Former esports commentator and new Xplay co-host, Indiana “Froskurinn” Black, specifically called out the crude sexism...

An Open Thread If You Need To Vent

I said at the beginning of the year that it felt weird to talk about video games as a right-wing mob stormed the United States capitol building. Sad to say, that feeling hasn’t let up in the last 10 months and change, especially with the news currently dominating today’s headlines.Read more

Camerupt Literally Explodes When It Gets Angry

Every Pokemon is interesting and worth talking about. I don’t play a ton of Pokemon, but I do enjoy the universe and I love learning more about the creatures in it. So, Here’s Another Pokemon! It’s Camerupt!Read more

LeVar Burton No Longer Wants To Be Jeopardy! Host

The internet’s mission to help LeVar Burton become the host of the long-running game show Jeopardy! has come to an end now that Burton himself ain’t interested in the gig. This adds another chapter into this Summer’s odd saga of “Who Will Host Jeopardy!”Read more

Jeopardy! Pariah Mike Richards Fully Booted Because Of All The Drama

Mike Richards, the embattled Jeopardy! executive producer who served as the game show’s host for, like, a week, is out entirely, Deadline reports. He’ll also lose his role as executive producer of Wheel of Fortune, Sony EVP Suzanne Prete told staff in a memo today.Read more

Safety On

Buffy Wang is an artist from China.Read more

Jeopardy!'s Mike Richards Is Getting A Babysitter Instead Of Getting Fired

Mike Richards, the Jeopardy! executive producer who gave himself a high-profile hosting gig and then immediately lost it once everyone realized he was a jerk, will remain on as the game show’s boss, The New York Times reports. Many observers expected Richards to hammer out an exit deal with...

Oh No, Jeopardy!’s Other New Host Is Pretty Bad Too

Mayim Bialik, neuroscientist and sitcom actor, is the last remaining host of Jeopardy! following the high-profile departure of executive producer Mike Richards as the late, great Alex Trebek’s replacement. But where Richards was taken down by his skeevy treatment of women, Bialik is courting...

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