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Shonen Jump Gives Fans Heart Attack Over Suspected NFTs

Earlier today the American Twitter account for storied manga anthology Shonen Jump got very excited about some upcoming news. Problem being, they phrased it in a way that got fans very upset, very quickly.Read more

Your Winter 2022 Anime Guide

It’s cold! Who wants to go outside when there’s new anime to watch? Not me, that’s for sure. Read more

Manga Piracy Has Increased During The Pandemic

From baking sourdough bread and working out, people have kept themselves busy in a variety of ways during the pandemic. Manga piracy, it seems, is also one of them. An organization called ABJ (Authorized Books of Japan) was created to raise awareness regarding manga piracy. According to Jiji Press...

The 11 Best Manga Of 2021

This year didn’t only bless us with terrific anime, but also with wonderful manga. Thank goodness for that! Here is our list of the best manga of 2021.Read more

The Latest Chainsaw Man Anime Trailer Looks Hype

A new trailer for the highly anticipated anime adaptation of Chainsaw Man dropped this weekend, and it looks like the series could take the anime community by storm next year. Read more

The My Hero Academia Manga Could Finish In A Year

My Hero Academia debuted in Weekly Shonen Jump back in July 2014 and has become one of Japan’s most popular manga. This weekend, creator Kohei Horikoshi announced that the manga was entering its home stretch. Horikoshi issued an official statement during a stage presentation at the Jump Festa event...

The 11 Best Anime Of 2021

The year of our lord 2021 blessed us with a stacked year of mondo cool anime, especially during the winter and fall seasons. Like a goudere Moses descending the Hokage Rock to deliver the good word to the people, it’s my turn as the otaku of Kotaku to present my favorite anime of the year. Here’s...

Here Are Japan's Biggest Selling Manga of 2021

Japan’s premiere sales chart Oricon has released a list of the biggest selling manga of this year in Japan. Yes, 2021 isn’t quite over yet, but hey, we’re close enough. Read more

Neon Genesis Evangelion Cosplay Gets In The F**king Robot

I’ve lost count of the amount of Neon Genesis Evangelion cosplay I’ve posted on this site over the last 10 years, but pretty much all of it has been focused on the anime’s characters, especially Rei and Asuka. It’s enormous mechs are a somewhat trickier proposition.Read more

Japan's Manga Piracy Crackdown Continues

In 2019, there was a global manhunt for the manager of manga piracy site Manga-Mura. The manager, a Japanese citizen named Romi Hoshino, was arrested in Manila on copyright violation charges. In June 2021, he was found guilty, sentenced, and fined. If you thought that was the end of Japan’s piracy...

Netflix Continues Big Anime Push With A Dozen Exciting New Shows and Films

Today, Netflix continues its heavy investment into the anime industry by announcing a ton of shows, including some very high profile sequels. In addition to animated productions, they’ve also announced live-action adaptations of several anime, original live-action series, and several films. It...

$7000 Evangelion Jackets Are Some Expensive Cosplay

First shown off in March, Undercover’s new line of Evangelion-inspired outfits are now available for sale. Or should I say were available for sale, until they almost instantly sold out, leaving us to either pay apocalyptic resale prices or, more sensibly, simply look at pictures of them on...

I Desperately Want These Rare Evangelion Figures

Neon Genesis Evangelion is, in my mind, a near-perfect piece of entertainment, but I gotta admit that I would love to rewatch it through the eyes of Japanese artist Yukinori Dehara.Read more

It Took 400 Hours To Draw This Attack on Titan Flipbook

YouTuber MillkunTV specializes in making flipbook recreations of popular anime scenes. His work is hand drawn and, well, time-consuming. Since I’ve been a kid, I’ve always been fascinated with flipbooks and even went through a phase trying to make my own. They were awful! MillkunTV’s creations,...

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