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A Promising Weekend With Halo Infinite's Beta

Over the weekend, 343 Industries let a bunch of eager players check out Halo Infinite’s first public “flight.” On paper, the flight was a technical test, meant to see how the servers perform under pressure and how bots, a series first, would stack up against real-life human players. But, really,...

RIP To Me, The Person Writing This, A Real One

Are you allowed to call yourself a real one? No, I would argue, you are not. That pretty much immediately disqualifies you from being a real one, so I’m already off to a rough start here. But today’s my last day at Kotaku, so I consider it my solemn duty to close out my award-wanting “RIP To A Real...

Are You Intrigued By The Steam Deck?

It’s Monday and time for Ask Kotaku, the weekly feature in which Kotaku-ites deliberate on a single burning question. Then, we ask your take.Read more

Sony Pulls Ad Featuring Upside-Down PS5

Sony posted an ad on Twitter this morning showing a dad capping off his day by playing some God of War. Typical fare, as far as these things go, except that the video also featured an upside-down PlayStation 5. Gasp! After fans pointed this out, the tweet got deleted with no explanation for...

The Best Xbox Demos To Play This Weekend, Before They're Gone

Back for its second year, the Xbox Summer Game Fest Demo Event—which somehow didn’t get a more palatable name during its time off—puts up 40 demos of unreleased games, generally indies. Over the past few days, two of us—staff writer Ari Notis and weekend editor Zack Zweizen—have given a bunch...

Knockout City’s Best-Dressed Players Are Also Its Scariest

We often fear powerful things, because we can’t control them. A giant, unstoppable bear. A deadly bomb. An unfeeling, AI-controlled drone with missiles. Or even, a player wearing some sick threads in an online video game, indicating they’ve been playing longer than you and will likely kick your...

11 Things You Should Know Before Starting Biomutant

Like any open-world role-playing game, Biomutant is a hodgepodge of interweaving parts, many of which aren’t exactly explained in the early goings. Two of us—staff writer Ari Notis and weekend editor Zack Zweizen, who reviewed the game—have spent a whole lot of time in Biomutant’s vividly colored...

BRB, Making My Own Mass Effect Legendary Edition Logo

BioWare must have sensed that I had thoughts about the Mass Effect companions on my spirit today, as it released a new tool that lets you pick and choose among the Mass Effect companions to make your own version of the Mass Effect Legendary Edition logo.Read more

Do You See The Penguin?

I found something unexpected in a random cave in Outriders. It’s a formation of rocks and shells that looks a lot like a penguin. Or at least, I think it does. Perhaps I’m just losing my mind after a year of pandemic-induced lockdown.Read more

Outriders Should Have A Horde Mode (And Other Thoughts)

If nothing else, Outriders is a polarizing game. Sure, People Can Fly’s loot-shooter has been plagued by some serious launch-window turbulence, but the issues are merely unpleasant set dressing for a fundamentally terrific game. Two of us on staff—weekend editor Zack Zweizen and staff writer...

What’s Your Worst Gaming Habit?

It’s Monday and time for Ask Kotaku, the weekly feature in which Kotaku-ites deliberate on a single burning question. Then, we ask your take.Read more

Outriders: The Kotaku Review

Outriders isn’t what I was expecting. In the lead-up to launch, it looked like one more Destiny-like looter shooter to toss on the pile. But while it does have looting, shooting and even online co-op, Outriders isn’t just another live service game. In a lot of ways, it feels like an experiment...

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