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KOTOR 2 Is Officially Fixed For Real Now, Kinda Sorta

Yesterday, the studio behind the Nintendo Switch port of Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords announced that it’s finally fixed a game-breaking bug that had previously rendered the game impossible to finish. Read more

Bloober Team Reveals Horror Sequel That's Not Silent Hill

Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game Fest has been filled with announcements, from Street Fighter 6 character reveals to a look at The Callisto Protocol’s gameplay. Bloober Team came through with an unveiling of its own, which was a revamp of its cult psychological horror series Layers of Fear,...

Tomb Raider's New Owners Have Been Snatching Up Old Series For Years Now

The video game industry is undergoing a tidal wave of consolidation right now, and Swedish holding company Embracer Group is riding it to become one of the newest players in a rapidly shrinking space. A few years ago most people had never heard of it. Now it’s bigger than rivals like Ubisoft...

GTA Publisher To Buy Farmville Maker Zynga For $12.7 Billion

Take-Two, the publisher behind some of the biggest names in gaming like Grand Theft Auto and NBA 2K, today announced a deal to buy mobile game company Zynga for $12.7 billion. If the acquisition of the FarmVille creator goes through, it will mark the biggest sale in video game history.Read more

Three Reasons The PS5 Star Wars: KotOR Remake Is Such A Huge Deal

Yesterday’s news of a Knights of the Old Republic remake has my emotions spinning in two opposite directions, like some sort of quantum confusion of nostalgia. An all-time favorite game, one I’ve replayed and explored in ludicrous detail, but now made to look all pretty! Amazing! But...but what...

Stubbs The Zombie Remaster Retains That Classic Jank

Zombies have been a big part of video games for a long time now. Mostly we kill them in droves. But back in 2005, Stubbs The Zombie shook things up and let you take on the role of a zombie devouring people in a futuristic city. That game is back on modern consoles via a remaster that might be...

Oh Hey, They're Bringing Back Stubbs The Zombie

Remember Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without A Pulse, the 2005 action game for PC and Xbox about a depression-era zombie eating brains in the late 1950s? Maybe? Either way, it’s coming to Xboxes, PlayStations, Switch, and PC on March 16.Read more

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