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Converting Speech to PDF with NextJS and ExpressJS

With speech interfaces becoming more of a thing, it’s worth exploring some of the things we can do with speech interactions. Like, what if we could say something and have that transcribed and pumped out as a downloadable PDF? Well, … Converting Speech to PDF with NextJS and ExpressJS...

Binance US Adds Staking Services for 7 Different Crypto Assets

Binance US is now offering crypto staking services and the firm details that seven digital currencies are currently available with annual percentage yields (APYs) up to 18%. Customers can earn yields on proof-of-stake (PoS) cryptocurrencies that include binance coin, solana, avalanche, livepeer...

RIP iPod, Home Of The Mobile Gaming Renaissance (2001–2022)

Pour one out for every kid who one-strapped a backpack in middle school, as they’re likely in mourning today. With Apple’s discontinuation of the 7th-generation iPod Touch, announced yesterday, it’s official: the iPod is dead.Read more

28 Indie Games You'll Be Delighted To Have Discovered

Todaybor Day is Labor Day, so once again I’ve wrested the controls away from the grown ups, and intend to torpedo traffic with SEO-destroying unknown indie games! Below you’ll find the projects that poured into my inbox this morning, of which at least most will likely be something you want to stick...

All The Mental Worlds In Psychonauts, Ranked

In the original Psychonauts, released back in 2005, you visit nearly a dozen mental worlds. These are large levels set within the psyches of various characters and enemies. A lot of these worlds are creative and a blast to explore. But some are terrible. (Looking at you Meat Circus..) Read more

Shadowrun Trilogy Is Free, And Amazing

To cap off its 2021 summer sale, GOG is giving away all three games of Harebrained Schemes’ Shadowrun series for free on PC. You have until the end of the weekend to claim them.Read more

Hell Yes Bring Back That 1990s Flight Sim Aesthetic

While some retro video game looks are making huge comebacks—muddy PS1 textures, I’m looking at you—I’m particularly excited here to see here a developer bringing back one very particular aesthetic that I was super into as a kid: that of early 90s hardcore military flight sims.Read more

Returnal Converted Me To 3D Audio

Returnal, a PlayStation 5 action game about dancing with death at an inescapable time-loop space rave, is a visual delight. It’s also an aural one. And at no time is that more apparent than when you play with a pair of 3D audio headphones.Read more

Pinned Audio WordPress Theme

I’m afraid I have to start this with a whole backstory, as the journey here is the point, not so much the theme. A fella wrote to me a while back outlining a situation he was in. His company has … The post Pinned Audio WordPress Theme appeared first on CSS-Tricks. You can support...

Let’s Create a Custom Audio Player

HTML has a built-in native audio player interface that we get simply using the <audio> element. Point it to a sound file and that’s all there is to it. We even get to specify multiple files for better browser support, … The post Let’s Create a Custom Audio Player appeared first...

Tetris On CD-i Plays Like Crap But Sounds Like John Tesh

Welcome to Morning Music, Kotaku’s ongoing hangout for folks who love video games and the cool-ass sounds they make. Today we look back to 1992, when, according to Philips, a classic became a legend. You can call it...Teshtris.Read more

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