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The Story Of 2022's Biggest Video Game*

In 2015 mega-publisher Electronic Soft released the blockbuster game BloodDeath: DeathBlood, a sequel to 2009's wildly successful BloodDeath. It would mark the end of both the series and its development studio, but it is not the end of their story.Read more

Epic & Fortnite Players Raise $36 Million For Ukraine In Just 24 Hours

Yesterday, Epic launched the next season of Fortnite, and announced that for the following two weeks all the money it makes from in-game purchases in the popular battle royale will be donated to charities supporting humanitarian efforts in Ukraine. Now, just 24 hours later, and with 13 days...

Report: Warzone Devs: "We F**ked Stuff Up. We Broke It."

In a reported meeting between Call of Duty developers and select content creators and influencers, the Warzone devs admitted that the free-to-play battle royale was in a bad state, telling those in attendance that they had “fucked up” and that the current state of the popular online shooter...

Everyone Else Can Get Lost: This Fortnite Dino Is My New BFF

Every time I feel like my relatively newfound passion for Fortnite is starting to wane, Epic Games drops some cool new thing that I instantly fall in love with. For example, now the battle royale game features dinosaur-like beasts that suck up scenery and shoot rare weapons out of their mighty...

A Decade Ago, Epic Announced Fortnite And A Lot Has Changed Since Then

This past Thursday, The Game Awards 2021 happened. It was a messy, ad-filled event that did, every once in a while, give out some awards. But before Geoff Keighley was in charge of The Game Awards, he was running Spike TV’s Video Game Awards. And in 2011, a decade ago this weekend, his old award...

Fortnite's Chapter 3 Is Already Starting To Leak Ahead of Season Finale

A Fortnite trailer has been found on TikTok, which allegedly depicts our first glimpse of the outrageously popular third-person battle royale’s third major map. The trailer also provides some huge hints at the finale of Chapter Two, which many believe got its own teaser on Dwayne “The Rock”...

Fortnite Accidentally Gives Away Its Rarest Item, Takes It Back

Earlier today, a bunch of Fortnite players found themselves in possession of the Axe of Champions, one of the rarest items in the game, only to have it snatched away after a few minutes. Fortnite developer Epic Games says the whole thing was a big mistake.Read more

Epic Games Faces Backlash After Ending Popular Time-Off Policy

Epic Games, creator of the massively popular and lucrative battle royale Fortnite, decided to end a popular policy of allowing staff every other Friday off earlier this week. According to a new report by Bloomberg, which a source corroborated for Kotaku, the move angered staff who were caught...

Posing In Apex Legends Is Crashing The Game

Have you ever flexed so hard in a game you made it crash? That’s apparently a dream coming true for Apex Legends players, where performing Epic animated poses is breaking the game. Respawn is asking players of the battle royale shooter to stop using them.Read more

Battlefield 2042's Last Mode Seems Like Exactly What The Beta Was Missing

DICE has long insisted that Battlefield 2042, its forthcoming first-person shooter, wouldn’t have a battle royale component. Today the company detailed the game’s third and final gameplay mode, Hazard Zone, in a blog post, and it is not a battle royale. But it’s not not a battle royale either.Read...

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