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Hearthstone Esports Suspends Player Following Abuse Allegations

Hearthstone Esports announced today that it has suspended one of the game’s Grandmaster tournament players, Paul “Zalae” Nemeth, following allegations of domestic abuse. “Hearthstone Esports is aware of allegations made against America Grandmaster Paul ‘Zalae’ Nemeth. Upon further review, we have...

Blizzard Isn't Making Any More Skins For Overwatch League MVPs

After this year, the Overwatch League will no longer create special skins to honor the League’s MVP. Earlier today, the Overwatch League announced the release of two special Overwatch skins celebrating the San Francisco Shock’s second championship win and Byung-sun “Fleta” Kim earning 2020’s...

Why Diablo IV Is So Obsessed With Ears

Ears. If you watched the debut trailer for Diablo IV’s rogue class, that was your main takeaway—at least, if you’re anything like me. The rogue showed up to “confession” with a big ol’ bag of ears. The priest had a whole darn trophy case of ears. This might have struck you as strange—most regular...

The Overwatch 2 Panel Was Cool But Please, Give Us The Damn Sojourn Reveal

Judging from its complete absence from BlizzConline’s opening keynote, you’d never guess Overwatch 2 was part of the Blizzard family of games, much less in the works. Thankfully, watching the “Behind the Scenes of Overwatch 2” panel put to rest any fears that the game might’ve been forgotten....

It Would've Been OK To Skip This One, Blizzard

Tonight’s keynote for BlizzConline, Blizzard’s virtual showcase, was a tepid hour of previously leaked reveals for World of Warcraft and Diablo, some Hearthstone news, a passing mention of Diablo Immortal, and no Overwatch 2. As we’re fond of saying these days, it could have been an email.Read more

Everything Blizzard Announced During BlizzConline's Opening Ceremony

It sure as heck isn’t BlizzCon, but until we can safely gather together again in the stew of scents and juices that is a convention hall (so maybe never?), BlizzConline will have to do. Blizzard kicked off the online version of its annual convention today with a handful of announcements that...

Diablo II Remaster Coming To All Major Platforms In 2021

Blizzard kicked off BlizzConline (a portmanteau I whole-heartedly protest) with the announcement everyone has been waiting for: Diablo II and its Lord of Destruction expansion is being remastered for just about every gaming platform on the planet, with a release scheduled for 2021.Read more

The Rogue Returns As Diablo IV's Latest Class

Having peaced-out at the end of the 1996 original, the bow-wielding rogue hasn’t shown their face around Sanctuary for nearly a quarter of a century. Consider their stealth-imposed exile over—the rogue returns in Diablo IV.Read more

The Blizzard Arcade Collection Bundles Three Classics For $20

Available now for PlayStations, Xboxes, Switch, and PC, the Blizzard Arcade Collection bundles together The Lost Vikings, Rock n’ Roll Racing, and Blackthorne, those early games Blizzard made before the days of Diablo, StarCraft, and World of Warcraft.Read more

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