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Elites In Halo: Reach Contain A Gross Secret

I’ve played a lot of Halo: Reach. In fact, last month I played through the entire game again with my brother via the Master Chief Collection. But I had no idea that inside the playable Elites in the game lurks a somewhat disgusting little secret: Their innards...? Guts? Bones? Hard to tell.Read more

Destiny 2's Trials Of Osiris Still Offline Following Match Fixing Scandal

It’s been a rough year for Destiny 2's high stakes competitive mode. Trials of Osiris has been plagued by cheating, glitch exploits, and lopsided matchmaking. Now it’s a hotbed of match fixing, as players try to game the system to get its coveted rewards without actually putting in the work...

Stubbs The Zombie Remaster Retains That Classic Jank

Zombies have been a big part of video games for a long time now. Mostly we kill them in droves. But back in 2005, Stubbs The Zombie shook things up and let you take on the role of a zombie devouring people in a futuristic city. That game is back on modern consoles via a remaster that might be...

Destiny 2's New Boss Is Turning Players Into Reply Guys

Much of Destiny’s story exists anywhere but the main game. The version you get from playing through its campaign today is very different from the one that existed only a year ago, and it’s also very different from the one you’ll get having played Destiny for hundreds of hours, soaking up its lowkey...

Destiny 2 Is Ditching Sunsetting

Bungie announced today it’s getting rid of Destiny 2's most beleaguered mechanic: sunsetting. Starting in Season 14, new weapons will no longer have an expiration date. Read more

Destiny 2's Next Big Expansion The Witch Queen Delayed To 2022

Destiny 2 has gotten a big expansion every year since it released, but 2021 will be different. Bungie announced today that The Witch Queen, originally planned to launch in the second half of this year, will be delayed until 2022 due to its size and ongoing issues around working from home during...

Bungie Is Looking To Expand The Destiny 2 Universe

Yesterday, Bungie announced some big plans over the next few years, including new offices, new games, and a new leadership team seemingly in charge of branching out the the Destiny 2 universe into other media.Read more

Destiny 2's Cosmodrome Isn't Getting Any Bigger

Bungie announced yesterday that Destiny 2's partial Cosmodrome, which was brought over from the first game last November, won’t be expanding to reach its original size and scope. The studio says its part of a trade-off to focus on making new content.Read more

Destiny 2's Best Loot Mechanic From Last Year Is Coming Back

Destiny 2's Umbral Engrams and Prismatic Recaster from season 11 are coming back in season 13, Bungie announced in this week’s blog post. That’s great news considering it made for one of the better loot grinds in the game’s recent past.Read more

The United States Space Force Is Basically Setting Up Destiny

Earlier today, United States vice president Mike Pence announced that the members of the Space Force—a big dumb vanity project by the big wet toddler currently living in the White House—will be called “Guardians,” much like the player characters of the Destiny franchise.Read more

A Lot Happened In Destiny Today

New content, upgrades for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, and new information about long-awaited features coming in future seasons: Destiny 2 had a big day today, so let’s break it all down.Read more

Destiny Now Has A Dungeons & Dragons Campaign

Fans began trying to turn Destiny into a Dungeons & Dragons-style pen-and-paper RPG two years ago. This week they released the 1.0 version of the Dungeons & Destiny Player’s Guidebook, providing an entirely new way to experience Bungie’s loot shooter alongside the Dungeons & Dragons...

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