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Nendoroid And Figma Company Sued Over Mistreatment, Sexualized Toys

In 2020, popular figurine manufacturer Good Smile Company sued two former vice presidents, Guy Brand and James Young-sik Kim, for competing with its merchandise business while employed at GSC. In response, the former employees have filed a cross-complaint claiming that GSC actively profited from...

Report: Nearly Half Of Paradox Staff Experience "Mistreatment"

Swedish tech news site Breakit is reporting some grim news from within Swedish publisher Paradox. A leaked document, created by unions Unionen and Sveriges, suggests a discriminatory workplace at Paradox, where almost half of employees report they’ve experienced “abusive/incorrect treatment.”Read...

Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Daughter Distances Herself From Fortnite Event

To the surprise of many, Epic Games added a new mode to Fortnite last week celebrating the legacy of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom and the man who led it, Martin Luther King, Jr. But Bernice King, the civil rights icon’s daughter, has since distanced herself from the event. It...

Chips In Consoles Get Pricier, Could Make Them Even Harder To Score

The global semiconductor industry suffered a potentially significant setback this week when Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC), a preeminent chip manufacturer that counts the likes of Apple, Toyota, and other global firms among its client list, announced a price hike for its suite...

Sony Now Owns Anime Site Crunchyroll

Having first been reported in October 2020, then begun in December 2020, Sony’s billion-dollar purchase of anime streaming site Crunchyroll has now been completed.Read more

Nintendo Sold Too Much Animal Crossing Last Year And That's Hard To Repeat

Last year was effing awful, but Nintendo did great. At this time last year, Kotaku reported that Nintendo’s profits between April and June 2020 increased by over 400 percent—a number that even a year later is hard to comprehend. Understandably, during that same period this year, the feat was hard...

Nintendo Lawsuit Forces Japanese Dev To Cough Up $30 Million

In December 2017, Nintendo sued Japanese developer Colopl over patent infringements in the free-to-play mobile game Shironeko Project. According to an official statement, Colopl has agreed to pay Nintendo 3.3 billion yen ($30 million).Read more

Activistion Blizzard Faces Second Lawsuit Over First Lawsuit

A class action lawsuit filed today in the U.S. District Court of Central California on behalf of investors alleges that Activision Blizzard’s intentional failure to disclose its ongoing problems with sexual harassment and discrimination artificially inflated the company’s stock value. In layman’s...


Steve Kim is a software developer and graphic designer.Read more

Nintendo Says Switch OLED Profit Story Is 'Incorrect'

Last week, a pair of analysts cired in a report from Bloomberg claimed that Nintendo’s new OLED model of the Switch contained “upgrades [that] are estimated to cost around $10 more per unit”, despite the console costing $50 more at the register than its predecessor. Today, Nintendo took the unusual...

Nintendo Investigated Report Of Forced Uighur Labor

In spring 2020, the BBC reported that tens of thousands from China’s Uighur ethnic minority group were being forced into factory labor, having no choice whether or not to work in the global supply chain for products made by 83 global brands.Read more

Sony Charging Devs At Least $25,000 For PlayStation Store Visibility

In a furious tirade on Twitter, independent games publisher Iain Garner of Neon Doctrine has unleashed his frustrations with trying to publish games on a major games console—one he says that isn’t made by Microsoft. During the spleen-venting, he suggests that getting prominent promotion for a game...

Activision Shareholders Vote To Keep Paying CEO Bobby Kotick A Ton Of Money

Long-time Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick eked out another lucrative victory today at the company’s annual shareholder meeting with a narrow vote of 54% in favor of maintaining his generous salary and millions in annual bonuses. The win comes after a year-long campaign by CtW Investor Group...

Investors Still Think Activision CEO Bobby Kotick Makes Too Much Money

Grass is green, the sky is blue, and Bobby Kotick is still rich. Earlier this year, Activision halved the CEO’s pay and annual bonus target after he spent years pulling in tens of millions of dollars (even after laying off employees), resulting in sustained pressure from investors. A group...

Nintendo Is Opening A Museum In Japan

Nintendo just announced plans to take one of its old production facilities in Japan and turn it into the “Nintendo Gallery”, a place to “showcase the many products Nintendo has launched over its history”.Read more

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