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GameStop Boss Celebrates NFT Marketplace Days After Laying People Off

GameStop celebrated the launch of its NFT marketplace on Monday. Its Ethereum-based depot for virtually autographed JPEGs arrived just days after the meme stock giant ruthlessly laid off more employees, and based on my short tour through its website, it’s also still a little broken in places.Read...

GameStop Loses Executive, Does More Mass Layoffs Even As Meme Stock Surges

A ruthless sea change is underway at GameStop. The company’s latest Chief Financial Officer, Mike Recupero, has resigned and another round of mass layoffs is underway at the video game retailer even as its meme stock continues to soar in price. CEO Matt Furlong told staff in an email reviewed...

Someone Reportedly Bought Up $40k Of Stock To Ask Nintendo About F-Zero

Many Nintendo fans desperately want a new entry in the popular sci-fi racing series, F-Zero. However, only one diehard fan was reportedly dedicated enough to spend over 5 million yen (roughly $40,000 US) on Nintendo stock, giving him a chance to ask the Japanese publisher about F-Zero and...

Everything We Know About WWE's Probe Of Vince McMahon

WWE CEO and chairperson Vince McMahon “voluntarily stepped back” from his roles within the company amid an investigation of an alleged affair and payout with a WWE employee, according to the Wall Street Journal. Here’s everything we know about McMahon’s ongoing investigation so far. Read more

Let’s Put EA CEO’s $20 Million Payout In Context

The CEO of Madden maker Electronic Arts is set to rake in $19.8 million in total compensation for his company’s strong performance in 2021. That’s about half of what it was for 2020 after EA’s Board of Directors cracked down on exorbitant bonuses in the face of shareholder backlash, but still...

Microsoft Promises 5 More Xbox Exclusives, Game Pass Demos In The Next Year

Microsoft laid out some of its big plans for gaming ahead of Sunday’s Xbox and Bethesda showcase, and those plans include a steady stream of more big exclusives, expanded Game Pass perks, and bringing video game cloud streaming directly to smart TVs. Most of the plans are forward-looking,...

The Intellivision Amico Is In Big Trouble

The last we saw of Intellivision’s Amico console, it was trying to sell some NFTs and was being described as a “car crash” of a device. If you thought that meant things couldn’t get any worse for the beleaguered device, though, you have not been paying attention to its development.Read more

Report: EA Looking To Sell Or Merge

The video game market is consolidating like never before, and Electronic Arts is scrambling like everyone else. The Battlefield and FIFA maker recently pursued a merger with NBCUniversal, and also held potential acquisition talks with Disney, Apple, and other companies, according to a new report...

GameStop Jumps Into NFTs Just As The Market Collapses

The NFT market, and other blockchain-associated grifts like cryptocurrency, are having a very bad month, as their perceived “value” evaporates and whatever actual monetary value they had falls through the floor. To which GameStop says: lol.Read more

Saudi Arabia Now Owns 5% Of Nintendo

Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund, a near-bottomless pit of cash tasked with diversifying the nation’s economy (and whitewashing their human rights record), has acquired a 5.01% stake in Nintendo.Read more

Sony Bets New PS5 Stock On A Post-Covid World (Whenever That Happens)

We’re over a year into the PlayStation 5’s lifecycle and Sony still can’t make anywhere near enough of them. It hopes that could change soon. The company is promising to sell 18 million more PS5s in the next year if the current covid lockdown in China only lasts a couple of months. With the global...

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