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Every Confirmed New Game At E3 2021

As E3 2021 relentlessly marches from one streaming event to the next, it can be difficult to keep track of all the games making their big debut. Was that game new? Haven’t we heard of it before? No, wait, it was totally announced at that one event last year!Read more

Donkey Kong 3 On PC Was On Some Stuff

Back in 1984, after the game’s success first in arcades and then on the Famicom, Nintendo let Hudson make a Donkey Kong 3 spin-off for the NEC PC-8801, NEC PC-6601, and Sharp X1 personal computers. It was...not the same Donkey Kong experience.Read more

Dissecting The Ridiculousness Of Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village is all Kotaku’s staff has been talking about since it came out. Between the plot twist, hand gore, and Tall Lady Thirst, there was much to discuss, so staff editor Lisa Marie Segarra, weekend editor Zack Zweizen, and staff writer Ian Walker got together for a spoiler-heavy...

Here's Your E3 2021 Schedule, From Ubisoft To Nintendo

As fan registration opens for access to the E3 2021 portal and app, organizers have released a tentative schedule of virtual press conferences for the four-day event, starting with Ubisoft and Gearbox Entertainment on Saturday, June 12, and ending with Nintendo on Tuesday, June 15.Read more

Lady Dimitrescu's Actor & Model Cosplaying As Lady Dimitrescu

Look I know we’ve already seen some incredible Lady Dimitrescu cosplay, but I figured it was worth seeing some more today given the fact the ladies in the dress here are the actors Capcom used to bring the character to life.Read more

Monster Hunter Rise Update 3.0 Adds More Monsters And A New Ending

Just when you thought you were done hunting monsters, bam! Capcom drops a free title update adding two new ferocious beasts to conquer and “a new ending to advance the story,” which is not how endings work but that’s what Capcom says, so we’ll run with it. Read more

E3 Fan Registration Opens Up Next Week

Following a year off as a result of the covid-19 pandemic, E3 will return next month as an all-digital event. It’s free—despite what some earlier reports suggested—but you’ll still have to register if you want access to what passes as a show floor at an online event without an actual show...

Resident Evil Village Used To Have A Lot More Enemies

While you certainly face mini-hordes from time to time, Resident Evil Village isn’t a game that just throws enemies at you willy-nilly. But that wasn’t always the case. Capcom’s latest behind-the-scenes video shows that some early builds apparently included an overwhelming number of foes, which...

Resident Evil Village's Dollhouse Almost Made Me Quit

I almost quit Resident Evil Village yesterday. It wasn’t because the game’s limited field of vision finally made me blow chunks across my living room, but because fear—true, gripping terror the likes of which I had never felt before—seized me while in Donna Beneviento’s Dollhouse. I knew going into...

Street Fighter V Devs Fix Dan's Infinite Combo By Making Him More Random

As you may already know from our previous story, Dan Hibiki has an infinite combo in Street Fighter V. The fact that a perennial joke character would have such a powerful ability is delightful, which might be why it survived for so long. But now, months after his arrival, Capcom has finally seen...

Dan’s Infinite Combo Seals Brilliant Street Fighter V Comeback

Infinites, or fighting game combos that can be looped ad nauseam with no space for the opponent to escape or retaliate, are typically pretty difficult to pull off outside of the Marvel vs. Capcom series. They’re not easy to perform in training mode, let alone bust out for a serious match. But this...

Resident Evil Village, As Told By Steam Reviews

There’s a lot going on in Resident Evil Village: Big lady. Severed hand. Resident Evil 4 parallels. There are other things that happen too, but if you’re a Steam reviewer, those three are very much the main ones.Read more

Ethan’s Severed Hand Is More Than A Gory Resident Evil Gag

We’ve established by now that Resident Evil Village puts protagonist Ethan Winters through a great deal of unpleasantness. But the already-iconic visual of Ethan’s hand being slashed and sliding off isn’t just a good running gag or Capcom at its most masochistic. It’s also a clue to an end-game...

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