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Final Fantasy V And VI Disappear From Steam Next Month

Heads up: Next month, Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy VI will no longer be available via Steam. Square Enix will replace those games with the recently announced “Pixel Remaster” versions. Eventually.Read more

Final Fantasy Got It Right With Two Black Fathers

Lately, dads have become the video game industry’s pet trope. There are a ton of games that have won a lot of awards about trying, failing, and in very few cases, succeeding at being a dad. But that trend largely excludes Black fathers (with one extremely notable exception), since the video game...

Too Fast Too Fantasy XV: Late, Broke, And Bodied By A Behemoth

In my push to finish Final Fantasy XV before it leaves Xbox Game Pass I had hoped to make up for lost time. Doing the math, I figured I’ll need to cover an average of five hours a day. But after Day Two I only have a grand total of seven hours clocked on my save file; I’m still three hours...

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