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Doom 3 Is Better In VR

Most folks don’t love Doom 3, often citing how much slower the game feels compared to old Doom titles. But that slower speed plus its focus on creating a dark, scary atmosphere means that nearly 17 years after its release, Doom 3 ends up being a great VR game. It might even be a better game in...

The New Xbox Wireless Headset Is A Good Option At A Great Price

I’m not a fan of wireless headsets, mainly because I’ve had some bad experiences with them. So I was hesitant about Microsoft’s fancy new $100 wireless Xbox headset. Luckily, this new headset, while not perfect, is a solid piece of gear with some nifty features and a great design. Read more

Razer’s Huntsman V2 Is That Rarest Of Beasts: An Analog Keyboard

Most mechanical keyboard switches have two states, on or off. The switches inside Razer’s new $250 Huntsman V2 Analog keyboard sense degrees of motion, allowing users to set their own actuation depth, apply degrees of pressure like with an analog joystick, or even have one key perform multiple...

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