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Behold The Strange And Wondrous Aliens Of Guardians Of The Galaxy

So, it turns out that Guardians of the Galaxy is very, very good! Don’t let Square Enix’s previous Marvel game, the online mess that is Avengers, scare you away from checking out this new, single-player adventure starring the galaxy’s most dysfunctional found family. Not only is it a blast to play...

Murder House Is Everything Terrifying About Low-Poly Horror

What’s more frightening: a near-photorealistic video game killer pursuing you with perfectly motion-captured movements, or a silent, meathook-wielding Easter bunny with vague features and primitive textures, chasing you with a jerky, hand-animated gait? If you answered the latter, then...

How Halloween Became a Thing in Japan

When I first came to Japan in 2001, Halloween was not a thing. At all. Well, it was if you were a foreigner, but Japanese people just didn’t really get it.Read more

Nintendo Releases Surprise Metroid Dread Demo

Most people who have played Metroid Dread say the game is very good, but what if you are not one of those people, and for whatever reason do not trust those people? Well, now you can simply download part of the game for free and try it for yourself.Read more

Lost Judgment: The Kotaku Review

I loved Judgment, Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio’s 2018 spinoff from the Yakuza series. Arriving just as the main games were getting ready to go through the biggest changes in their long-running history, along came a lawyer and his himbo best friend to keep some beloved old Yakuza fundamentals alive.Read more

Star Ocean Is Back And It Looks Kinda Like Monster Hunter

At long last, Square Enix’s interstellar JRPG series Star Ocean is back. Star Ocean: The Divine Force is set to launch on PS4 and PS5 in 2022, the company revealed during today’s PlayStation State of Play livestream.Read more

Call Of Duty’s Ridiculous Donnie Darko Crossover Is Kinda Funny, Kinda Sad

Suffice to say, video game crossovers can be pretty bogus outside of the Super Smash Bros. series. But putting Donnie Darko stuff in Call of Duty: Warzone and Black Ops Cold War takes the cake. This might be the single most ridiculous mash-up I’ve ever seen. The whole thing is so stupid that...

Buzz Lightyear Trailer Makes No Sense, Breaks Internet's Brain

When I woke up today, I expected my kitchen to be a mess because I binged The Morning Show instead of cleaning it last night. Despite it already being Wednesday, I was also prepared to be overwhelmed by the truckload of tasks I have yet to cross off my to-do list this week. What I was not ready...

That Dark Souls III Twitch Streamer's Bananas Single-Button Run, Explained

Earlier this week, Twitch streamer Dylan “Rudeism” Beck blew our minds by beating Dark Souls III using a single-button setup to hammer out Morse code. It’s an impressive feat to be sure and one that also touches on something Rudeism is quite passionate about: accessibility in games.Read more

Far Cry 6 Has A Cool Far Cry Primal Shout-Out

Everyone knows that Ubisoft games are full of things to do. In Far Cry 6, there’s a lot to see, too. To wit: Last night, while exploring the open-world shooter’s El Este region, I stumbled upon what I’m pretty sure—like, 99 percent sure—is a reference to 2016’s Far Cry Primal, the series spinoff...

The Pokémon x Sumo Collab We've Been Waiting For

Over the years, Pokémon has done an array of collabs, including New Era, Oreo, Levi’s, and Casio. Some have been more interesting than others. But finally, Pocket Monsters is teaming up with sumo wrestling. It’s about time!Think about it. This makes perfect sense. In sumo, you have two wrestlers...

Ubisoft Pestering Far Cry 6 Players For Not Playing Enough

One of the bleakest things about modern video gaming is the way major publishers are obsessed with not just gaining your attention but keeping it, holding it trapped and exposed to their monetary ecosystems for as long as humanly possible while they do everything they can to bleed you dry.Read more

House of Ashes: The Kotaku Review

House of Ashes wants you to know that it’s a video game so bad that it sometimes undermines its own cinematic power with gameplay that feels obligatory rather than supportive of its storytelling. Yet it also wants the prestige associated with blockbuster American films with weighty themes, and gets...

Spirit Halloween’s Video Game Costumes Are Pretty Good, Actually

It’s not too late to pick up a Halloween costume—well, so long as you’re down to go as a character from a popular video game. Kotaku (that is, I) recently visited a local Spirit Halloween (“the world’s #1 Halloween store!”) to get a sense of the gaming-themed costume offerings you can expect...

Pokémon Legends: Arceus’ Ghostly New Pokémon Belong To A Special Club

Earlier today, The Pokémon Company officially unveiled the Hisui-region forms of Zorua and Zoroark, set to appear in Pokémon Legends: Arceus next year. Unlike their original Dark typing, however, these regional variants are a dual Normal and Ghost typing, a unique combination that’s never been seen...

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