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Beware Of Fake Cat-Shaped Backpacks

Realistic-looking neko no ryukkusakku (猫のリュックサック) or “cat rucksacks” went viral earlier this year. Japanese TV now warns of clumsy knockoffs! Read more

E3 Twitch Chat Has Been Miserable

For what feels like eons now, the E3 Pangea has threatened to break apart and scatter gaming landmasses to all corners of the Earth. Now that’s finally happening, with this year’s E3 functioning as a loose umbrella for a plethora of publisher-specific shows. This has given companies a massive stage...

The Stranger Of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Demo Is Corrupt And Unplayable

As promised during Square Enix’s E3 2021 presentation, the playable demo for action game spin-off Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin has been available for download on the PlayStation 5 since yesterday afternoon. Unfortunately, the demo has been corrupt and completely unplayable the whole...

Hades Finally Comes To Xbox

Hades is finally coming to Xbox August 13, Supergiant announced during today’s Xbox and Bethesda showcase.Read more

'Shop Contest: LeBron James Toy, Winners!

LeBron James might be one of the best basketball players in history, but he’s also in a movie called Space Jam: A New Legacy. And as such he is now a toy. So we had some fun with this piece of movie merchandise. Read more

Netflix's Resident Evil Casts A Great Albert Wesker

Netflix announced today that Lance Reddick has been cast as baddie Albert Wesker in the upcoming live-action Resident Evil series. Alongside that bombshell, Netflix announced five other actresses who will be starring in the series. Read more

Netflix’s Cuphead Show Casts Wayne Brady As King Dice

Netflix provided a brief look at its new Cuphead show today as part of its ongoing, E3 2021-adjacent Geeked Week event. And while there’s still no release date, they did reveal that Whose Line Is It Anyway? star Wayne Brady will be voicing antagonist King Dice.Read more

Hatsune Miku Sneaks Into Ireland's High School Exit Exam

Hatsune Miku is a digital musician (also known as a vocaloid) who’s been belting out catchy, commercially successful tunes since 2007. The synthetic idol is monumentally popular in Japan and, as of this year, is a major part of Ireland’s exam for students graduating from secondary school. (That’s...

Wholesome Games Respond To Backlash In The Classiest Way

Wholesome Games is a gaming community, focused around a Twitter account, that brings attention to gorgeous, sweet, friendly games, for no reason other than the sheer joy of it. So of course, after they recently announced a second, higher profile Wholesome Direct showcase for this weekend, June...

DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power Is A Great Kids Game

We don’t ask much of our kid-aimed cartoon-based video games, and most don’t give us much in return—just several hours of harmless, colorful fun to keep our children entertained while we adult. But Switch exclusive DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power, with its combo-based battles, RPG-style progress...

Grand Theft Auto 6 to Feature a Fictional Cryptocurrency

One of the biggest franchises in the videogame industry, Grand Theft Auto, will feature in-game payments of “bitcoin” or another fictional cryptocurrency. Contractors will pay the player with this currency when they need to make anonymous, untraceable payments. This would constitute...

New Transformers Cyberverse Figures Roll Out, Then Transform

Hasbro’s new Roll N’ Change Bumblebee and Optimus Prime, announced today for release in September, perfectly illustrate the difference between Transformers’ collector and kids lines. Look at how much fun commercial actor lad is having. You don’t get that from collecting expensive high-end figures....

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