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How to Map Mouse Position in CSS

Let’s look at how to get the user’s mouse position and map it into CSS custom properties: --positionX and --positionY. We could do this in JavaScript. If we did, we could do things like make make an element … The post How to Map Mouse Position in CSS appeared first on CSS-Tricks. You...

Animated Custom Cursor Effects

Some ideas for interactive custom cursor animations using SVG filters. Animated Custom Cursor Effects was written by Mary Lou and published on Codrops

Can you rotate the cursor in CSS?

Kinda! There is no simple or standard way to do it, but it's possible. You can change the cursor to different built-in native versions with CSS with the cursor property, but that doesn't help much here. You can also use that property to set a static image as the cursor. But again that doesn't help...

Custom Cursor Effects

A collection of five demos and a tutorial on how to create animated custom cursor effects for interactive elements like navigations, galleries and carousels. Custom Cursor Effects was written by Stefan Kaltenegger and published on Codrops

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