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CD Projekt Refunded Only 30,000 Copies Of Cyberpunk 2077

Only a tiny fraction of the overall Cyberpunk 2077 sales resulted in refunds, CFO Piotr Nielubowicz told investors during an earnings call earlier today. Out of the 13.7 million copies sold, the Polish developer apparently issued just 30,000 refunds.Read more

Classic Half-Life 2 Mod Neotokyo Gets A Singleplayer Spinoff

Neotokyo is an absolute PC gaming classic, a (somehow) free mod for Half-Life 2 that remains one of the prettiest and coolest multiplayer shooters on the planet. And now, 12 years after its first release, it has a singleplayer experience for fans to play through.Read more

Single-Player Games Are Finally Making A Comeback, Sort Of

Once upon a time, Shigeru Miyamoto famously said, “A delayed game is eventually good. A bad game is bad forever.” It’s a statement that felt like it would never fall out of fashion, until it did. Modern games are never finished. Bad games become good. Good games become bad. Games of all stripes...

Hades Wins Best Game At The 2021 BAFTA Game Awards

In addition to prestigious accolades like Best Indie Game at the 2020 Game Awards and Best Game Times 10 at the 2020 Ari Notis Awards, Hades just picked up top honors at today’s online-only BAFTA Games Awards. Hell yeah, Hades.Read more

Next Big Cyberpunk 2077 Patch Will Fix Cops And Cars

CD Projekt Red released a weird update on Cyberpunk 2077's next big patch today, including a brief explanation of changes coming to how its open world works, delivered by an in-universe news broadcaster. *Sigh*.Read more

Dying Light 2's Developers Are Indulging Toxic Gamers

As promised, Polish developer Techland put out a video today updating the world on the state of zombie parkour thriller Dying Light 2. and it’s an extremely concise look at one of the most toxic cycles underlying the video game industry.Read more

Warren Spector Thinks Deus Ex Is Too Real For 2021

The Game Developers Conference kicked off today as a week of virtual talks. In a live chat alongside a rebroadcast of his 2017 GDC talk, Deus Ex designer Warren Spector talked about why he wouldn’t make the game today.Read more

Perhaps I Treated You Too Harshly, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Deus Ex: Human Revolution was one of my favourite games of the past decade, a combination of stealth, adventuring and some incredible art design. Yet when its sequel Deus Ex: Mankind Divided hit five years later, I only spent a few hours with it before writing it off and getting on with...

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