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Recreating MDN’s Truncated Text Effect

It’s no secret that MDN rolled out a new design back in March. It’s gorgeous! And there are some sweet CSS-y gems in it that are fun to look at. One of those gems is how card components handle truncated … Recreating MDN’s Truncated Text Effect originally published...

Text-overflow: ellipsis considered harmful

Eric Eggert: There are a few legitimate use cases for this technique. For example, you might have a table with titles and descriptions. To preserve more space for the title, you constrain the description to one line on small … Text-overflow: ellipsis considered harmful originally...

Clipping Scrollable Areas On The inline-start Side

On a default left-to-right web page, “hanging” an element off the right side of the page (e.g. position: absolute; right: -100px;) triggers a horizontal scrollbar that scrolls as far as needed to make that whole element visible. But if … The post Clipping Scrollable Areas On...

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