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Destiny 2's Trials Of Osiris Still Offline Following Match Fixing Scandal

It’s been a rough year for Destiny 2's high stakes competitive mode. Trials of Osiris has been plagued by cheating, glitch exploits, and lopsided matchmaking. Now it’s a hotbed of match fixing, as players try to game the system to get its coveted rewards without actually putting in the work...

Destiny 2's New Boss Is Turning Players Into Reply Guys

Much of Destiny’s story exists anywhere but the main game. The version you get from playing through its campaign today is very different from the one that existed only a year ago, and it’s also very different from the one you’ll get having played Destiny for hundreds of hours, soaking up its lowkey...

Watch Dogs Legion’s Co-Op Isn’t Enough To Bring Us Back To The Game

As a multiplayer game, Watch Dogs: Legion is pretty lonely. Yes, you can roam freely on a vast open-world map alongside other players, but most of the points of interest are for single-player activities. The competitive arena, while appropriately frenetic, currently feels anemic. And the tentpole...

Destiny 2 Is Ditching Sunsetting

Bungie announced today it’s getting rid of Destiny 2's most beleaguered mechanic: sunsetting. Starting in Season 14, new weapons will no longer have an expiration date. Read more

Destiny 2's Next Big Expansion The Witch Queen Delayed To 2022

Destiny 2 has gotten a big expansion every year since it released, but 2021 will be different. Bungie announced today that The Witch Queen, originally planned to launch in the second half of this year, will be delayed until 2022 due to its size and ongoing issues around working from home during...

Bungie Is Looking To Expand The Destiny 2 Universe

Yesterday, Bungie announced some big plans over the next few years, including new offices, new games, and a new leadership team seemingly in charge of branching out the the Destiny 2 universe into other media.Read more

Destiny 2’s New Weekly Challenge Shares A Slogan With The Hitler Youth

A new weekly challenge in Destiny 2’s Season of the Chosen is called “Blood and Honor.” It’s a phrase that’s been seen in other fantasy media, but it’s also the English translation of the German phrase “Blut und Ehre,” one of the Nazi slogans used by the Hitler Youth.Read more

Destiny 2's Cosmodrome Isn't Getting Any Bigger

Bungie announced yesterday that Destiny 2's partial Cosmodrome, which was brought over from the first game last November, won’t be expanding to reach its original size and scope. The studio says its part of a trade-off to focus on making new content.Read more

Lance Reddick Is Now Voice Acting Destiny Memes

Lance Reddick is a famous actor, with major roles in The Wire and John Wick, among other things. He’s also the voice of Destiny’s Commander Zavala, and apparently not above granting fan requests to voice act the memes they send him.Read more

Destiny 2's Season Of The Chosen Is Good So Far

Season of the Chosen went live in Destiny 2 today, and with it a whole new set of things to grind for. So far, these things—new armor, guns, and exotic gear—seem pretty cool, with interesting new perks to make them worth chasing. But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t already feeling daunted by...

How To Get Back Into Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is no spring chicken. Since the shared-world shooter first landed in 2017, Bungie has released a steady stream of paid annual expansions and tweaked the core formula to various degrees. Keeping up with Destiny 2 is a commitment—of time, of money, of patience—so there’s no shame if you’ve...

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