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Slime Isekai’s DBZ Homage Has Everyone Arguing About Kamehamehas

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and the newest episode of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime flattered Dragon Ball Z in spades. In the second to last episode of the anime’s second season, the heroic Veldora started to let his otaku side show by using Goku’s signature...

CG Goku Teases New Dragon Ball Anime Movie

Dragon Ball Super is getting a new anime feature! It’s called, wait for it, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. Because one “super” is not enough, I guess. Announced during the San Diego Comic-Con, this will be Dragon Ball’s twenty-first anime movie and the second DBS feature, following up on 2018's...

Poll: The Best Anime Adaptations Of Weekly Jump Manga

Shonen Weekly Jump is, perhaps, the most famous manga publication in Japan. Loads of hugely successful anime first debuted on their pages and weekly serializations. In a recent poll, fans were asked to name the best anime adaptations.Read more

Dragon Ball Super Getting Another Movie Next Year

After the Dragon Ball Super TV anime ended in spring 2018, it returned to Japanese movie theaters later that year in a feature film continuation called Dragon Ball Super: Broly (pictured, above). Now, DBS is coming back once again in 2022. Read more

Yasuke Is A Full-Circle Moment For Black Anime Fans

Watching the first episode of Yasuke, Netflix’s new fantastical animated show about the life of a Black samurai, I started to cry. I remembered how it felt to be a 16-year-old girl watching anime in the nighttime darkness of my living room. Watching Yasuke, with its titular Black character kicking...

Rare Gokus No Longer Lost At Sea

Late last year, a storm at sea caused a shipping boat to lose a bunch of its cargo, possibly including rare figures of Dragon Ball Z’s Goku, alongside other collectibles. I am delighted to inform you that the Gokus are safe.Read more

SNK Devs Once Put Goku In King Of Fighters 98

In the latest installment of Polygon’s ongoing deep dive series on the making of classic fighting games, veteran developer Toyohisa Tanabe revealed that his team at SNK was experimenting with crossovers as far back as King of Fighters 98.Read more

Rare Gokus Possibly Lost At Sea After Major Shipping Accident

Goku collectors are left wondering what fate awaits their beautiful sons after a bad storm caused the massive One Apus container ship to potentially lose over $200 million worth of cargo in the Pacific Ocean northwest of Hawaii late last month. Read more

Dragon Ball FighterZ Adds Super Baby 2, Whoever The Heck That Is

Dragon Ball FighterZ has gone off the rails. I can understand, on some level, the thousands of Goku variations that make up its cast. I’ll even overlook the two Brolys, if only because both versions are so popular. But recent reports that the Arc System Works fighting game is getting Super Baby...

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