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Crypto Losers Buy Copy Of Jodorowsky's Dune, Have Played Themselves

Earlier today a group calling themselves Spice DAO tweeted that they were the proud owners of an original Jodorowsky’s Dune book, the compendium of concept art and notes that comprised filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky’s doomed attempts to get a Dune movie made in the 1970s.Read more

Dune: Spice Wars Is A New Real-Time PC Game

Dune has a long history of very good strategy games, dating all the way back to 1992 when we got not one but two all-time greats based on the license. It’s been a while between then and now—with a little Dune 2000 in the meantime—but we’re now heading back to Arrakis in Dune: Spice Wars.Read more

The Art Of Dune

I finally got to see Dune over the weekend (its release was delayed in Australia due to pandemic lockdowns), and I haven’t stopped thinking about it since. Read more

Dune’s Timothée Chalamet Was Once An Xbox YouTuber

Timothée Chalamet: Hollywood superstar, GQ cover model, and...former gaming YouTuber? Yes, more than a decade ago, the Dune actor used to operate a YouTube channel under the handle ModdedController360, where he showed off custom paint jobs of Xbox 360 controllers.Read more

Cross-Chain Bridges That Connect 5 Different Blockchains to Ethereum

During the last few months, cross-chain bridge technology has grown a great deal and users can now swap assets between a myriad of networks. Today, between eight different bridges there’s $7.6 billion total-value locked across these platforms. Cross-Chain Bridges There’s a decent...

Unique Addresses Tethered to Ethereum Defi Apps Climb Past 3 Million

The number of users or unique addresses leveraging decentralized finance (defi) protocols via Ethereum has risen past 3 million according to recent statistics. A vast majority of these unique addresses use the defi protocol Uniswap, as 2.4 million users have been recorded since December 2018....

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