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Everyone Makes The Same Choices In Mass Effect, Apparently

Mass Effect is contingent on choice—or at least the illusion of it. Turns out, in playing (or replaying) Mass Effect Legendary Edition, a lot of you who played the remastered trilogy made pretty much the same decisions. That’s according to an infographic BioWare posted on Twitter today.Read more

Leak: Battlefield 2042 Sandbox Mode To Include Bad Company 2 Maps

Last month, EA pulled back the curtain on climate-change shooter Battlefield 2042 and detailed two of its four modes. The other two remained couched as future announcements—one mentioned only by name (Hazard Zone), and one shrouded entirely in mystery. A since-deleted GameRant article (that...

Folks Think The Sims 2 On Nintendo DS Is Haunted

The handheld Sims games on Nintendo DS are fantastic and very, very weird. If you’ve hung around Kotaku long enough, you may have seen me claiming The Sims 2 on DS is my favourite game of all time, and while not everyone will agree on the quality and technical prowess of the title, there’s...

PS4 "Crypto" Warehouse Was Actually Farming FIFA Crap

While initial reports last week indicated that an enormous warehouse discovered in Ukraine packed full of PS4 consoles was being used to mine crypto, a little further investigation has found that the machines were probably being used to farm FIFA Ultimate Team cards.Read more

The Next Skate Game Won't Be At EA Play 2021

EA announced today that the next Skate game, which is currently in development, won’t be shown during EA Play 2021 on July 22. It’s another game to add to the growing list of “Stuff That Won’t Be At EA Play 2021.”Read more

Next-Gen Sports Games On PC Always Suck, This Is Nothing New

This year, fans of EA Sports titles like FIFA and Madden who play on PC—and there are more of us than you think!—are upset that those games will be ports of the last-gen versions, and not of the fancier editions appearing on the PS5 and Xbox Series X.Read more

Respawn Dev: Apex Legends Hackers Failed At Anything But Forced Overtime

It was a weird weekend in the world of Apex Legends. On Sunday, players discovered that in-game playlists and notifications had been hacked by hackers who disliked different hackers—specifically, Apex hackers up in arms about the hacker-powered plight of Titanfall, one of developer Respawn’s...

Dragon Age Fans Have Gotten Good At Living On Crumbs

Life as a Dragon Age fan is hard sometimes, but necessary. Today on Twitter, BioWare wrote that it won’t be showing off anything from Dragon Age or Mass Effect during the EA Play event later this month.Read more

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Gets A First-Person Mod

Have you ever looked at Mass Effect? Like, really looked at it? Have you studied every crag in Wrex’s face? Stared Kaidan and Ashley right in the eyes while wondering why you couldn’t leave both of them behind on Virmire? Watched the fish in Shepard’s cabin swim for 80+ hours? Well now you can...

Ah, So This Is Why The Mass Effect Movie Never Got Made

In 2010, Mass Effect fans got a wild surprise: the beloved video game franchise would be adapted for film, with BioWare playing a hands-on role in its development. Following the announcement, the adaptation was joined by a bunch of exciting names. Avi Arad (known for co-founding Marvel Studios)...

The Sims 4 Is Hosting An In-Game Music Festival Now

The Sims series has partnered with nearly 500 musical artists since 2004 to record their popular songs in the game’s adorable gibberish language, Simlish. Now The Sims 4 is taking pop Simlish music to the next level with Sims Sessions, an in-game music festival running from June 29 through July...

I Forgot Mass Effect 1 Ends With An Electronic Rock Song

The original Mass Effect tells a story of a small group of aliens and humans working together against the odds to stop a deadly, super-powerful mega-robot from beginning the process that will lead to all life being destroyed. Epic stuff. Yet the final song you hear, played during the credits, is...

Paralives Looks Like The Grand Designs Game I've Always Wanted

I wrote about Paralives last year, because a) it’s cool seeing a proper competitor to The Sims, and b) the house construction stuff looked really interesting. A year later and the house stuff now looks like 94% of the reason I want to play this game.Read more

Battlefield 2042's Gameplay Looks Epic (And Chaotic)

The first look at Battlefield 2042’s gameplay happened today during the Xbox And Bethesda E3 2021 showcase event. It involved a lot of shooting and chaotic action. You know, classic Battlefield. Read more

Report: Hackers Steal FIFA 21 And Frostbite Source Code From EA

Vice Gaming reports that hackers have broken into EA servers and made off with hundreds of gigabytes worth of proprietary data, including the source code for FIFA 21 and the Frostbite game engine. Electronic Arts has confirmed the breach while assuring no player data is at risk. Read more

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