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LeVar Burton No Longer Wants To Be Jeopardy! Host

The internet’s mission to help LeVar Burton become the host of the long-running game show Jeopardy! has come to an end now that Burton himself ain’t interested in the gig. This adds another chapter into this Summer’s odd saga of “Who Will Host Jeopardy!”Read more

Destiny Composer Ordered To Pay Bungie Nearly $100,000

Composer Marty O’Donnell, Bungie’s former audio director, has been found in contempt of court for his continuous use of Destiny assets, including uploading song clips online long after he left the company. According to Eurogamer, such use violated the terms of a previous lawsuit.Read more

The Art Of The Lord Of The Rings Movies

Twenty years on from the release of the first film in the trilogy, New Zealand’s Weta Workshop have dropped a bunch of concept art from the whole Lord of the Rings series.Read more

Nobody Wants A Driver TV Show, Ubisoft

Ubisoft plans to revive the Driver franchise, the company announced today...with a live-action streaming series. Those sounds you just heard were millions of excited fans collectively scooting forward in their seats and then immediately slumping back in disappointment.Read more

YouTube Kills Two Big Discord Music Bots, And That Sucks

Today, the popular video streaming service YouTube committed a murder most foul. Two stalwart members of any Discord server worth its salt, stolen away from us in the night. Groovy and Rythm are dead, and I will mourn my beautiful robot companions with all of my heart.Read more

The Japanese Internet Reacts To Netflix's Kate

Have you seen Kate yet? Folks in Japan have, and they have opinions. Let’s have a look!The Netflix original debuted last Friday. Set in Japan and starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead, it tells the story of a deadly assassin out for revenge. Internationally, the reviews for Kate have been not great!...

GTA Fans Are Starving, And Rockstar Keeps Giving Them Nothing

Yesterday, during a big PlayStation Showcase event that featured a bunch of new games like God of War Ragnarok, we got a new trailer for the next-gen release of Grand Theft Auto V. It wasn’t very good, and the GTA community is letting everyone know about it. At one point on Thursday, GTA...

Isaiah Colbert To Kotaku Confirmed!

It feels like yesterday. I was in a Columbia College Chicago classroom during the “before times” of Covid-19 showing off my now-boss Patricia Hernandez’s Life Is Strange 2 article to a room full of journalism students who no doubt will be future legacy media reporters. I chose that article because...

Singer and Actor Gackt On Indefinite Hiatus For Vocal Disorder

Gackt’s agency announced that the singer is taking an indefinite break to focus on his recovery after falling seriously ill. Kyodo News reports that Gackt became seriously ill after returning to Japan from overseas on August 6, feeling sick and fainting.Read more

I Still Can't Listen To Genshin Impact's Inaccurate English Voice Acting

Whenever I download Genshin Impact onto a new device, the first thing I do immediately is download the Chinese voice pack. I’m not a snob about dubs versus subs. The problem is that the English voice over turns my favorite characters into unrelatable strangers that I barely recognize. Read more

Howdy Major

Adam Middleton is an artist at Weta in New Zealand who has worked on stuff like Blade Runner 2049, Ghost in the Shell and Pacific Rim.Read more

After 15 Years, Bemani Composer TAG Says He's Leaving Konami

For the past fifteen years, one constant for Konami’s Bemani music game series has been the musical stylings of composter Yasuhiro “TAG” Taguchi. Today, he announced his is leaving the Tokyo-based game company.“I’ve now decided to go freelance as a composer after being employed at my company...

Beat Takeshi Not Injured After Car Attacked by Man with a Pickax

This Saturday at 11:40pm Japan Time, a man with a pickax attacked at car carrying actor and film director Takeshi Kitano, best known by his stage name Beat Takeshi. The attacker even called for the 74-year-old filmmaker get out of his car. Thankfully, neither Kitano nor his driver were injured....

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