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10 New Xbox Game Pass Titles Shown At E3 2021

As part of its E3 press conference with Bethesda, Xbox revealed a host of new games coming to Game Pass, including Sega’s gangster thriller Yakuza: Like A Dragon, available right now. Read more

Fallout 76's Battle Royale Mode Is Going Away

The video game industry may not be pivoting away from battle royale just yet, but a few major publishers are reconsidering the genre’s reputation as an easy cash cow. The latest? Bethesda, who’s decided that it doesn’t really make sense to have battle royale in Fallout 76 anymore.Read more

Fallout 76 Was Right, It Was Time To Stop Playing

Bored and without a large, engrossing game to play until Disco Elysium: The Final Cut drops later this month, I did the unthinkable: I downloaded Fallout 76 onto my PlayStation 5. I was almost immediately met by a game-breaking bug that, while easily rectified with a reboot, felt like a sign that...

It Takes Less Than 20 Minutes To Eat A Baby In Fallout 3

File this one under Answers to Questions No One Asked: It apparently only takes 18 minutes and 51 seconds to go from the beginning of Fallout 3 to eating a baby in one of the expansions. Speedrunners, folks.Read more

So, Which Bethesda Game Pass Game Should You Play First?

Starting today, you can play a bunch of Bethesda-published games on Game Pass, thanks to Microsoft and ZeniMax’s recent marriage. Some were previously available. Many are new. However you slice it, if you’re a member of Microsoft’s games-on-demand service, you now have 20 largely excellent games...

Cyberpunk 2077’s First Major Patch Is Finally Out For All Platforms

Like the federal government, CD Projekt Red dropped a major update at 5 p.m. on a Friday. The first major patch for Cyberpunk 2077 is officially out, nine days after the developer apologized for the state of the game’s console release and promised a major patch within ten days. Patch 1.1 addresses...

How A Dark Time-Traveling Fantasy Game Became the Original Fallout

The end of the world was both darker and more humorous than anyone could have imagined, and in the original Fallout, released for the PC in 1997, gamers got to experience the apocalypse firsthand. The iconic, “War, war never changes,” introduction set the somber mood, which was written, strangely...

It's Weird How Some Games Are Now Too Big To Fail

For nearly the entire history of video games, most title’s lifespans would play out the same cruel, Darwinian way: they would come out and either live or die, sometimes with spectacular consequences. No second chances.Read more

Fallout 4 Rifle Is A Work Of Art

This replica of a Fallout 4 Tesla Rifle, by Wasted Props, doesn’t just look like the real (well, you know) thing. It spins and “charges” like it as well.Read more

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