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Layoffs At EA Austin Following Split With FIFA

Electronic Arts is laying off a ton of customer service staff at its Austin office, according to internal emails viewed by Kotaku. One source familiar with the decision told Kotaku that as many as 100 employees could be affected, many of whom supported live operations on FIFA 22. Going forward,...

EA's FIFA Series Loses Its Name After Nearly 30 Years

Next year’s FIFA won’t be called FIFA anymore, EA announced Tuesday. The mega sports franchise is parting ways with soccer’s international governing body and will be renamed EA Sports FC, but EA promises nothing else will change.Read more Chosen as an Official FIFA World Cup Sponsor

On Tuesday, the international governing body of association football, FIFA, announced the exchange will be an official sponsor of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 tournament. According to the announcement, the digital currency trading platform will “activate its official...

The Internet Reacts To EA Removing Russian Teams From FIFA 22

Yesterday, EA Sports announced it would remove the national Russian team and Russian clubs from FIFA 22. The announcement came as the Russian invasion of Ukraine entered its second week. As the news spread, the game’s community has begun to react.Read more

The 11 Best Manga Of 2021

This year didn’t only bless us with terrific anime, but also with wonderful manga. Thank goodness for that! Here is our list of the best manga of 2021.Read more

Report: EA In A Messy Fight Over FIFA License, Money

Last week EA hinted that it might be renaming its massively popular FIFA series. Now we know why. According to a new report by The New York Times, the International Federation of Association Football is asking the sports publishing giant to pay $1 billion for exclusive rights to the FIFA brand...

EA Might Rename Its FIFA Games

Since 1993, EA and FIFA have been synonymous. With its FIFA games, EA has created a beloved franchise with the official Fédération Internationale de Football Association branding. That could change. In a recent press release, EA trumpeted its “recording-breaking FIFA 22 launch,” with over nine...

FIFA Player Accused Of Rape Suspended And Removed From Roster

Benjamin Mendy, a Manchester City defender in the real-life Premier League, was suspended after being charged with four counts of rape and one count of sexual assault of three women at his Cheshire home between October 2020 and August 2021.Read more

PS4 "Crypto" Warehouse Was Actually Farming FIFA Crap

While initial reports last week indicated that an enormous warehouse discovered in Ukraine packed full of PS4 consoles was being used to mine crypto, a little further investigation has found that the machines were probably being used to farm FIFA Ultimate Team cards.Read more

Next-Gen Sports Games On PC Always Suck, This Is Nothing New

This year, fans of EA Sports titles like FIFA and Madden who play on PC—and there are more of us than you think!—are upset that those games will be ports of the last-gen versions, and not of the fancier editions appearing on the PS5 and Xbox Series X.Read more

FIFA 21's Loot Boxes Can Now Be Previewed Before You Buy

Two years after EA described FIFA’s loot boxes as “surprise mechanics”, the publisher might be finally backing down under enormous international pressure. EA has announced today that you can see what’s inside a Festival of FUTball Ultimate Team Pack before you buy it. Way to ruin...

Report: Hackers Steal FIFA 21 And Frostbite Source Code From EA

Vice Gaming reports that hackers have broken into EA servers and made off with hundreds of gigabytes worth of proprietary data, including the source code for FIFA 21 and the Frostbite game engine. Electronic Arts has confirmed the breach while assuring no player data is at risk. Read more

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