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Final Fantasy VII: Remake Will Be A Trilogy

Today, during Square Enix’s big Final Fantasy VII 25th Anniversary live stream, it was confirmed that its large-scale FFVII Remake project will be spread across three separate games as part of a remake trilogy. Part one is already out, Rebirth (which is part 2) will be out next year and the third...

49 Under-The-Radar Games That Belong On Your Radar

Video game marketing season is an exercise in duality. For every Sony State of Play or Geoff Keigh3, there’s a lower key event—a Day of the Devs, say, or a Devolver Digital showcase. Today’s big one is the annual Guerrilla Collective livestream.Read more

Final Fantasy XVI Finally Shows Off Gameplay, Coming Next Year

As a part of the PlayStation State of Play 2022, Square Enix showed off a gameplay trailer for the upcoming PS5 roleplaying game, Final Fantasy XVI. While the exact release date isn’t set, the game is currently slated to come out sometime in the summer of 2023.Read more

Final Fantasy X’s Blitzball Now Exists In Star Wars, Sort Of

Hey! Remember Blitzball? It was that weird-looking, but also kind of cool underwater sport from Final Fantasy X? Well, now Blitzball is (sort of) a part of the Star Wars universe thanks to a person who used to write about the NHL and his new book starring Anakin and Obi-Wan. Read more

What To Expect From Sony’s Big Not-E3 Press Conference

This year’s not-E3-but-basically-E3 kicks off on Thursday with Sony’s big summer State of Play showcase. PlayStation has already had a pretty banner year, thanks to a number of exclusives (Horizon Forbidden West, Gran Turismo 7, Ghostwire: Tokyo) and a forthcoming revamp of its subscription...

Yoshitaka Amano Makes Batman Look Like Final Fantasy And I’m Here For It

A future issue of DC Comics’ Detective Comics (that’s Detective Comics Comics’ Detective Comics for those of you keeping score at home) will feature a variant cover by none other than prolific Final Fantasy artist Yoshitaka Amano, the company’s August 2022 catalog announces.Read more

The PS5's Worst Game Is Taking A Long, Hard Look At Itself

Babylon’s Fall fell indeed, and now the live-service loot slasher’s next season is going to last twice as long as Square Enix had originally planned. After promising players everything was just fine a couple months ago, Platinum Games is now planning to “re-evaluate” its future content plans.Read...

The Halo Show’s First Season Closes With Uncertainty And Promise

With “Transcendence,” the ninth and final episode of the Halo show’s premiere season, a lot is uncertain. This show has been a giant experiment of taking a “spaghettified” collection of Halo games, books, comics, and other related media and funneling that into an on-screen adaptation firmly rooted...

Superstar Final Fantasy XIV Producer’s First Square Enix Game Was Canceled

Naoki Yoshida, the man often credited with turning Final Fantasy XIV around after the MMO’s miserable launch and who is now in charge of bringing the upcoming Final Fantasy XVI to life, wasn’t always the superstar we know him as today. In fact, the higher-ups at Square Enix canceled Yoshida’s very...

Final Fantasy XIV Players Sent To In-Game Jail As Devs Mull Mod Controversy

At least two Final Fantasy XIV players pulled into an in-game jail by moderators while streaming the massively multiplayer online game this week. Many believe this was done to reprimand them for using third-party modifications to optimize HUD details for high-level raiding, a frequent pain point...

Final Fantasy XIV Mod Drama May Prompt Official HUD Upgrades, Director Says

As part of a larger blog reiterating the Final Fantasy XIV team’s disapproval of mods following their prevalence in a high-profile raid event, producer and director Naoki Yoshida promised to improve the massively popular game’s HUD to match the functionality of these unofficial tools.Read more

Meet The Only Person Keeping Action RPG Babylon’s Fall Alive

Babylon’s Fall, the troubled live-service action-RPG from action game luminaries Platinum Games, has seemingly hit life support. After two months on the market and a lukewarm reception at launch, Square Enix’s latest effort was reduced to just one player on PC last week. They revealed themselves...

Even Game Pass Knows It’s Backlog Season

It’s that time of year again, when the release cadence cools down a bit, giving you time to make your way through your backlog from the spring (or the fall). Game Pass, for the moment, isn’t adding too much to the top, and is in fact removing quite a bit from the bottom. Here’s everything coming...

Final Fantasy XIV’s Newest Raid Is Blowing Everyone’s Minds

Final Fantasy XIV’s latest update saw Square Enix give serious players a new “ultimate” raid to conquer. The last few days have been a whirlwind as groups try to be the first to complete the raid, known as Dragonsong’s Reprise, and new developments concerning the potential revival of a dearly...

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