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Slime Isekai’s DBZ Homage Has Everyone Arguing About Kamehamehas

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and the newest episode of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime flattered Dragon Ball Z in spades. In the second to last episode of the anime’s second season, the heroic Veldora started to let his otaku side show by using Goku’s signature...

I Just Read 1,025 Chapters Of One Piece, And It's A Damn Masterpiece

Only three things in life are certain for a shonen otaku: tournament arcs, Studio Trigger series finales ending in space, and One Piece continuing until the heat death of the universe. I’d made prior attempts to read One Piece, but each time I got too intimidated by its length, which has...

Attack on Titan Gets Freaky-Looking Trash And Recycling Bins

In Attack on Titan, the human-eating Titans are horrifying and freaky. So naturally, when an official Titan trash and recycling bins were introduced in Japan, they also look unsettling—even more so when placed next to Coca-Cola vending machines. As part of an effort to promote recycling and good...

It Took 400 Hours To Draw This Attack on Titan Flipbook

YouTuber MillkunTV specializes in making flipbook recreations of popular anime scenes. His work is hand drawn and, well, time-consuming. Since I’ve been a kid, I’ve always been fascinated with flipbooks and even went through a phase trying to make my own. They were awful! MillkunTV’s creations,...

Turmoil For Japanese Anime Power Couple

Voice actor Tatsuhisa Suzuki and his popstar wife LiSA are an anime power couple. But earlier this month—following revelations about Suzuki’s alleged extra-marital activities—they suddenly announced they were taking a break from the entertainment industry. Read more

Adored Anime Slam Dunk Returns Fall 2022

The legendary basketball anime is back! Slam Dunk will return next fall, with creator Takehiko Inoue not only writing the script, but also directing. After a long absence, the timing could not be better. Slam Dunk first debuted as a manga in Weekly Jump in 1990 and ended its run six years later....

Sony Now Owns Anime Site Crunchyroll

Having first been reported in October 2020, then begun in December 2020, Sony’s billion-dollar purchase of anime streaming site Crunchyroll has now been completed.Read more

CG Goku Teases New Dragon Ball Anime Movie

Dragon Ball Super is getting a new anime feature! It’s called, wait for it, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. Because one “super” is not enough, I guess. Announced during the San Diego Comic-Con, this will be Dragon Ball’s twenty-first anime movie and the second DBS feature, following up on 2018's...

Your Summer 2021 Anime Guide

In Japan right now, it’s the rainy season. The humidity is kicking in, and we’re just waiting for the sweltering heat. Maybe it’s hot where you are. Maybe you should stay inside and watch anime. Read more

Hideaki Anno Told Evangelion Voice Actor Secrets She'll Take To Her Grave

Thought we know everything about Evangelion? We don’t, it seems! During a recent press conference for the Blu-ray release of Evangelion 3.333, voice actor Maaya Sakamoto said that creator Hideaki Anno told her secrets, about the character she plays, Mari Illustrious Makinami.Read more

Tips For Playing Scarlet Nexus

Scarlet Nexus, an action-RPG about moving extremely heavy objects with your brain, is officially out now for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. The fundamental gameplay isn’t terribly far afield from your standard game of this nature, but there are some quirks to be aware of. Here’s what to know before...

Scarlet Nexus: Should You Play As Yuito Or Kasane?

Scarlet Nexus, a “brain punk” action-RPG about what happens when you let fungi grow unchecked, features a dual storyline. There’s one story, but you play as one of two young soldiers enlisted in the War on Shrooms: Yuito or Kasane. Both have different abilities, and show every plot beat from...

12 Hours With Scarlet Nexus, Bandai Namco’s New Action-RPG

Right out of the gate, Scarlet Nexus shows off its gimmick. You can play as one of two characters, viewing the same storyline from different perspectives. Both share the same formidable telekinetic superpower, spicing up what appears to be typical blade-swinging combat. While cool, it initially...

Even With Anime, Netflix Subscriptions Lag Behind In Japan

Take a look at the top ten charts on Netflix Japan, and it’s filled with anime. The streaming service has gone out of its way to appeal to Japan, including producing Netflix exclusive Japanese dramas, but subscriptions are still lagging behind other regions.Read more

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