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Outriders: The Kotaku Review

Outriders isn’t what I was expecting. In the lead-up to launch, it looked like one more Destiny-like looter shooter to toss on the pile. But while it does have looting, shooting and even online co-op, Outriders isn’t just another live service game. In a lot of ways, it feels like an experiment...

Hardcore Military Sim ArmA 3 Getting Huge Vietnam Campaign

There aren’t many games that are seriously based on the Vietnam War, mostly because, thanks to the terrain and the politics, it’s an incredibly difficult conflict to simulate. The upcoming S.O.G. Prairie Fire, however, is looking to change that.Read more

It Takes Two Creates An Almost-Perfect Union Of Story And Gameplay

Traditional co-op gaming experiences can sometimes feel similar to solo play: another player picks up a controller, and a second avatar pops onto your screen that works almost exactly in the same way you do. This can be a blessing for people with limited time to game, but it can mean that...

I Wish Genshin Impact Cared About My Time As Much As Its Story Seems To

Reused NPCs. An environment you’ve already spent dozens of hours in. Contrived progress gating based on time. On paper, Genshin Impact’s current event, the Windblume Festival, sounds like it’s scraping the bottom of the barrel. In reality it’s a chill yet inventive exercise in making an in-game...

Video Game Companies Keep Coming Up With New Ways To Take Our Money

Video games are expensive. They have been expensive for a very long time, and they keep getting more expensive. To an extent, it makes sense: Game developers need to eat! But after a certain point, it gets excessive. Loot boxes, gacha, and now NFTs are signs of that excess. On this week’s...

Fans Can't Decide Whether New Overwatch Skin Is Cute Or Horrifying

Today, Overwatch announced the PachiMarchi Challenge, the newest event celebrating the game’s weird half-onion, half-octopus mascot Pachimari. Starting today, players who win games in Quick Play, Arcade, or Competitive mode can win Pachimari-themed cosmetics, including a Pachimari Roadhog skin that...

Epic Settles Real Lawsuit With Fake Money

Fortnite players who purchased one of Save The World’s randomized Loot Llamas will receive 1000 V-Bucks, developer Epic announced today. The move comes as part of a preliminary class action settlement regarding loot boxes.Read more

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