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The BioShock Problem: When Gameplay And Narrative Clash

It may not seem like it, but gaming is still in its infancy. Yes, we’re beaming games from $10,000 rigs through the cloud to our phones, and swinging around swords in room-scale wireless virtual reality. That’s some Ready Player One shit, for sure. But while the technology is progressing rapidly...

343 Is Changing Halo Infinite's Motion Tracker To Be More Like The Old Games

On Friday, 343 Industries released a lengthy post summarizing many of the changes, fixes, and improvements made to Halo Infinite after receiving tons of feedback from its technical preview in August. One of the biggest changes is that the motion tracker is being tweaked and will operate more like...

More Tips Than You Probably Need For The Quake Remaster

We were all a little surprised just how quickly the recent Quake remaster came about, going from rumors and ESRB sightings to available on PSN and Steam in no time flat. Now, many people are playin’ id Software’s landmark 1996 first-person shooter for the first time. Welcome!Read more

Apex Legends Removes Tech That Grew Beef Between PC and Console Fans

Apex Legends, the battle royale movement shooter developed by Repsawn Entertainment, is no stranger to controversy. Because Apex supports crossplay, PC and Console players have been beefing for a while over the slight differences and advantages each side gets from their platform of choice. All...

Battlefield 2042 Cheats Advertised Months Before Release

Officially announced on June 9 and slated for release on October 22, Battlefield 2042 left a very narrow window for the international cheat machine to spring into action, but spring they have with at least one website already advertising aimbots and ESP-style player location sensing to ruin Dice’s...

Why Halo Infinite’s Bots Act So Much Like People

Last month, developer 343 Industries hosted a beta—fine, a “technical test”—for Halo Infinite’s competitive multiplayer mode. Those selected for participation were given a chance to test-drive one shaky server, three maps, and about a dozen-odd weapons for the long-anticipated first-person shooter...

No, Halo Infinite’s Bots Aren’t Actually Teabagging Anyone

Maybe you’ve seen the clips: A Halo multiplayer avatar crouching, then standing, then crouching, then standing again, either directly over or somewhere adjacent to a defeated enemy. You might think there’s a human behind the Spartan. There’s not. It’s a Halo Infinite bot, seemingly performing...

Lightyear Frontier Is Another Farming Game, Only This Time With Mechs

Lightyear Frontier is “an open-world farming exploration” game that’s coming to the PC. You build a farm, you go exploring and you harvest resources, only instead of being an aww shucks innocent kid moving to a new town, you’re piloting a huge mech on an alien world.Read more

My Speedrunning Career Lasted A Bit Less Than A Week

I’m no speedrunner. In fact, I’ve never loved a video game enough to attempt to speedrun it until recently, when I found the PlayStation 2 oddity X-treme Express. But after almost a week of watching my promising attempts slip away at the last second, and feeling my affection towards the game turn...

Valve Finds A City Willing To Host DOTA 2's The International

Already delayed from 2020, this year’s The International was supposed to take place in Sweden, until Sweden looked at the continuing global pandemic and said no thank you. So Valve had to scramble to find a city that would take the event, and in Bucharest, they’ve found it.Read more

Someone Has To Draw The Skies In Video Games

The stuff that exists outside the bits you actually play in is usually taken for granted, but the skybox—the part of a level that constitutes not just the sky but background environments around it that the player can’t access—can also be one of the most beautiful parts of a video game.Read more

Outriders Doubles Horrendous Legendary Drop Rate

If players have one complaint about Outriders—besides the rampant connectivity issues and the inexplicable instant deaths—it’s with the game’s apparent dearth of legendary weapons and armor. Today, after much community feedback, developer People Can Fly finally addressed the issue by rolling out...

FIFA 21's Loot Boxes Can Now Be Previewed Before You Buy

Two years after EA described FIFA’s loot boxes as “surprise mechanics”, the publisher might be finally backing down under enormous international pressure. EA has announced today that you can see what’s inside a Festival of FUTball Ultimate Team Pack before you buy it. Way to ruin...

Overwatch Adds Crossplay

Where once Overwatch players were divided along the lines of both platform and whether or not they’d push the damn payload, now they can at least not push the payload together.Read more

New Site Teaches You How To Play EVE Online

EVE Online is a tough game to learn without a lot of effort and assistance. The good news is that there’s now an easier path to getting started: the EVE Academy, a new companion website to the 18 year old MMO, was created specifically to show new players the ropes, and potentially teach a few...

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