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KOTOR 2 Is Officially Fixed For Real Now, Kinda Sorta

Yesterday, the studio behind the Nintendo Switch port of Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords announced that it’s finally fixed a game-breaking bug that had previously rendered the game impossible to finish. Read more

The Hottest Game Of The Summer Has A Cheating Problem

It’s like clockwork: A game comes out with a robust competitive component…and is instantly inundated by players who rocket to the top via nefarious, unsanctioned means—cheaters, in other words. The latest victim is Neon White, a multi-genre speedrunning game developed by Angel Matrix and published...

Heroes Of Newerth, Once League Of Legends' Rival, Has Shut Down

It was so long ago, and the space is now so thoroughly dominated by two games that it’s almost impossible remembering any other way things could be, but for a brief window of time the MOBA genre—basically any and every game that was copying WarCraft III’s DotA map—was a warzone.Read more

Halo Infinite Finally Gets Co-Op Next Month, But As A Beta

Halo Infinite will finally get some form of co-op for its campaign, 343 Industries announced today. It’ll be playable as one of those basically-just-a-beta “technical flights,” the same method the studio used last summer to get players into the first-person shooter’s initial multiplayer...

Halo Infinite Fixes A Bunch Of Dumb Mistakes From The Last Update

To follow Halo Infinite closely is to subject yourself to constant emotional whiplash. One day it’s on the top of the charts. The next, it feels like all of social media is calling it a “dead game.” Or maybe the developer adds a ton of cool stuff to the game…and then breaks a ton of other cool...

How To Get Halo Infinite’s Kick-Ass WW2-Inspired Armor

Nope, that key art above isn’t a promo image for Wolfenstein. It’s a promotional shot for a cosmetic set of Halo Infinite armor called Eaglestrike. Pretty neat, right? Good news: The kit itself is pretty easy to get. Bad news: Your personalized version won’t look cool for months.Read more

Halo Infinite Update Is So Big It Requires A Table Of Contents

Halo Infinite’s second season kicked off today, ushering in a handful of new maps, modes, and cosmetics to the popular multiplayer shooter. Developer 343 Industries detailed all of the minor changes in patch notes that are so long they come with a six-chapter table of contents. They’re so long that...

Halo: Infinite Is Now Playable In Third-Person

While Halo: Infinite is a first-person game by design, that doesn’t mean, like so many other games designed to be played a certain way, we can’t play it another way if we want.Read more

Ghostwire: Tokyo Has One Of The Coolest Healing Systems In Open-World Games

Ghostwire: Tokyo, the cool new Tango Gameworks project about chatting up spirits and fighting ghastly humanoids, has managed to pull me away from Elden Ring. It’s a nice reprieve. Ghostwire is nowhere near as hard as FromSoftware’s latest Souls-like. So rather than roaming a vast, haunting open...

Halo Infinite's New Slayer Mode A Great Reason To Return To The Game

Maybe you’ve maxed out the battle pass. Maybe you’re distracted by the embarrassment of riches in gaming right now. Whatever the reason, if you’ve bounced off Halo Infinite, there’s immediate grounds to return: the ongoing “Tactical Ops” event.Read more

Halo Infinite Tips For People Who Already Know What They’re Doing

By now, Halo Infinite has been out long enough for you to get pretty good. But there comes a point in all competitive shooters—hey, no shame in this—where you hit a plateau. Your matches start playing out just as the previous 50 did. You find yourself falling back on the same tactics, to the same...

Halo Infinite's Big Team Battle Finally Works After Months Of Dysfunction

While we’re getting six more weeks of winter IRL, Halo Infinite’s most frigid cold snap is coming to an end. Today, developer 343 Industries rolled out a hotfix for the multiplayer shooter’s long-troubled Big Team Battle playlist. Don’t look now—and I sincerely hope writing about it doesn’t jinx...

The World's Best Guitar Hero Player Was A Cheat

For the last few years, a Guitar Hero player called Schmooey was widely believed to be the best in the world, having racked up achievements and displayed feats that other players thought impossible. A discovery made last month, however, shows there was a very good reason for that.Read more

Halo Infinite's Ranked Capture The Flag Matches Are Too Long

Yesterday, developer 343 Industries shook up Halo Infinite’s ranked playlist. For the foreseeable future, matches of capture the flag, specifically on the Behemoth map, will no longer appear in the playlist’s rotation, effectively nixing one of the most widely hated maps. Players of the...

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