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Mass Effect Legendary Edition Makes The First Game Required Playing

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is out today, remastering BioWare’s space trilogy with 4K HD graphics and other kinds of tweaks and twinges to bring the games into the current generation. Of the trilogy, the original Mass Effect stands out as the game benefiting the most from graphical updates...

These Famicom Detective Club Games Have Aged Surprisingly Well

There’s nothing about the art, animation, voice work, or music of Nintendo’s new Famicom Detective Club games that betray their origin as a pair of Japan-exclusive Family Computer Disk System adventures from the late 1980s. The dated gameplay, however, is a dead giveaway. Read more

Google Says Everything At Stadia Is Fine, As The Water Reaches Their Noses

The last 12 months or so have been rough times for Google Stadia. Lawsuits, its main first-party development studio shutting down with little warning, issues with indie devs and key folks leaving the company. But according to Google, a company famous for shutting down services, everything is fine....

Katy Perry And Pikachu Traveling Through Time Singing Songs, As They Do

Remember way back in January, when I wrote “Katy Perry Teams With Pokémon For Some Sort Of 25th Anniversary Music Thing?” We now have that thing. Check out the video for Perry’s new single “Electric,” in which the singer and her Pikachu travel back in time to interfere with their unevolved forms....

Sex Game Can't Get On Steam, Even After $20,000 Worth Of Attempts

The developers of Holodexxx are at a loss. After spending months attempting to get their VR sex game onto Steam, they’ve hit a wall that no amount of self-censorship or mechanical refinement has been able to drill through: Valve’s nebulous definition of “pornography.”Read more

My Singing Monsters Comes To Consoles With A Bunch Of Non-Singing Minigames

Mobile hit My Singing Monsters is a game about collecting and breeding musical monsters whose unique noises join together to create beautiful music. Coming to consoles this November, My Singing Monsters Playground is a party game featuring more than 20 different minigames. Hopefully one of those...

Lone Developer Stands Up To Grand Theft Auto DMCA Claim, Wins

Earlier this year fans reversed engineered the source code to Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. They released it to the web, but Grand Theft Auto copyright holder Take-Two pulled it offline via a DMCA claim. But now one fan’s stood up to the publisher and succeeded in getting...

Even Apple Knows Fortnite's Peely Is A Monster

The Epic versus Apple trial kicked off its second week today, finishing up cross examination with Epic head of marketing Matthew Weissinger. In continued discussion of Epic’s unspeakable inappropriateness, Apple’s lawyer had some questions about Fortnite’s cursed banana, Peely.Read more

Climb Roblox's Giant Man, If You Dare

From Terry Cavanagh, the man behind Super Hexagon, Dicey Dungeons, and VVVVVV, comes a Roblox level about climbing a giant guy that you can play for free right now.Read more

Sony Expects PS5 Shortages To Continue Into Next Year

Even though the PlayStation 5 launched in November 2020, the console is still scarce at retail. Sony Chief Financial Officer Hiroki Totoki apparently believes that these shortages will continue, even into 2022.Read more

A Clean Cut

Didier Nguyen is a concept artist at Blizzard who has previously worked on games like the Spyro Reignited and Crash 4.Read more

Everything That's Happening In The Apple vs Epic Case

The big court case between Apple and Epic is one of the most important legal showdowns in the history of video games. It’s also throwing up a ton of very funny and interesting looks at how these billion-dollar companies do business behind the scenes.Read more

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