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Shiny Final Fantasy XIV Player Wants To Become Even Brighter

Like most online games, Final Fantasy XIV is what you make of it. You can dedicate yourself to hitting the level cap in every job, focus on completing tough raids on max difficulty, or simply cultivate a second life through role-playing with your friends. But Chungo Humongo, a level 80 Roegadyn...

Apple Lawyer Points Out Epic Games Store Top 20 Has 25 Games

During Apple’s cross-examination of Steven Allison, general manager of the Epic Games Store, Apple’s lawyer walked all assembled, piece by piece, through the Epic Games Store. Alongside saying game titles like Warframe and Necromunda: Hired Gun like they’re normal human words, Apple’s lawyer also...

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

The weekend is for watching everyone else talk about Resident Evil Village while I have a damn good time playing a hack-and-slash action RPG from two decades ago. Read more

Sign-Ups Open For The Final Fantasy VII Battle Royale Closed Beta

Mobile battle royale Final Fantasy VII The Last Soldier is looking for Android device users in the U.S. and Canada to play in the weeklong closed beta test for the game kicking off June 1. Who’s up for killing some generic Final Fantasy characters?Read more

Beloved Gun 'Hung Jury' Is Coming Back To Destiny

Step aside, extraterrestrial babies that may or may not be grenades. There’s a new sheriff in Destiny-town. A beloved weapon, Hung Jury, is apparently coming back to Destiny 2, Bungie all but announced in a blog post detailing the upcoming Season of the Splicer today.Read more

Randy Pitchford, What The Hell Are You Talking About

I’m generally able to follow along with Gearbox president Randy Pitchford’s manic energy, but two tweets he made this morning have thrown me for a loop. He’s not really announcing Borderlands 4, is he?Read more

So, Is It Safe To Play Returnal Now?

Over the past 24 hours, Returnal, the PS5-exclusive action game about getting repeatedly bullied by space tentacle monsters, has weathered a serious patch of turbulence. Two patches in 12 hours. Myriad reports of corrupted save data. Me, getting killed over and over again by an irritating boss....

Huh, The New Fable Runs On The Forza Engine

The next installment in the Fable franchise is being built with the ForzaTech engine, which as the name implies, is the foundation beneath Xbox’s popular Forza racing games.Read more

Apple To Epic: What's A Kotaku?

Today, as part of the ongoing Epic v. Apple court case, Apple counsel Rich Doren, while cross examining Epic engineer Andrew Grant about a Minecraft Earth-related email chain between Epic employees, asked a very important question.Read more

BRB, Making My Own Mass Effect Legendary Edition Logo

BioWare must have sensed that I had thoughts about the Mass Effect companions on my spirit today, as it released a new tool that lets you pick and choose among the Mass Effect companions to make your own version of the Mass Effect Legendary Edition logo.Read more

GamesCom Wises Up, Goes Fully Digital

GamesCom 2021 will be a fully digital event this year, GamesCom officials announced in a press release today. The move is a reversal of earlier plans for a semi-live event, inadvisable given the, y’know, roiling pandemic that’s still an ever-present aspect of everyday life.Read more

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