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New Agent Neon Brings Sprinting And Sliding To Valorant

In her recent (and gorgeous) reveal trailer, Neon, the newest agent about to be introduced to Riot’s team-based tactical shooter, Valorant, breaks the cardinal rule of the sweaty, tryhard, head-clicking tac-shooter genre—she can actually move fluidly.Read more

The Best Games Hidden Inside Other Games

In an industry that can all too often feel like it wants to wring us of every last drop of money, there’s a special pleasure in noting those most entertaining of freebies: the games hidden inside other games. For instance, did you know the original Animal Crossing was crammed with classic...

Billionaire Goes To Space And Reviews A Manga

Yusaku Maezawa, the billionaire who founded Japanese internet fashion retail site Zozotown, is the first space tourist to visit the International Space Station in a decade. The entrepreneur told AP that his self-funded trip “pretty much” cost over $80 million. While in space, he’s done a PR stunt...

Broken Arrow Is Trying The Whole Modern RTS Thing Again

The RTS genre as we know it, or at least the popular perception of it, is dominated by its most traditional efforts, the kind of base-building-then-rush approach seen in everything from Command & Conquer to StarCraft. That’s not the only way to play an RTS, though.Read more

The Best Shooters Of 2021

Video game shooters once dominated the gaming landscape. Today, well okay... they sort of still do. But, the variety and diversity of shooters has truly blossomed in the last few years. Now we have hardcore military sims, colorful live games filled with wild quests, VR titles pushing the bounds...

Dune: Spice Wars Is A New Real-Time PC Game

Dune has a long history of very good strategy games, dating all the way back to 1992 when we got not one but two all-time greats based on the license. It’s been a while between then and now—with a little Dune 2000 in the meantime—but we’re now heading back to Arrakis in Dune: Spice Wars.Read more

The Art Of Dune

I finally got to see Dune over the weekend (its release was delayed in Australia due to pandemic lockdowns), and I haven’t stopped thinking about it since. Read more

Resurgence Of Facism Forces Warhammer To Remind Fans Imperium Are Villains

Some Warhammer 40,000 players think the game’s fascist Imperium of Man faction is awesome, and actually has a few good ideas. It does not. To clarify this point—which more than one Warhammer 40K fan appears to have missed—maker Games Workshop put out a statement saying that you do not, under...

Company Of Heroes: The Kotaku Review

I’ve reviewed a lot of video game adaptations as part of my board game coverage for Kotaku. As you’d expect, since this is first and foremost a video game website. Some of those adaptations have been OK, some have been pretty good, but I haven’t played any quite like Company of Heroes before.Read...

The Hot New Card Game By The M. Night Shyamalan Of Video Games

The world is a confusing, messed-up place, but as I sit here at my laptop contending with my humanity, I’m absolutely sure of two things: My stomach hurts like hell, and I’m tired of Daniel Mullins’ shenanigans. The former, I assume, is the result of some bad carne asada, while the latter occurred...

14 Horror Games Available Now On Xbox Game Pass

A good scary game is often a thrilling experience. And if you are currently a Game Pass subscriber and in the mood to play something terrifying, creepy, or just downright spooky you already have access to some fantastic horror games for no additional cost. This is nice, because the only thing...

Dune’s Timothée Chalamet Was Once An Xbox YouTuber

Timothée Chalamet: Hollywood superstar, GQ cover model, and...former gaming YouTuber? Yes, more than a decade ago, the Dune actor used to operate a YouTube channel under the handle ModdedController360, where he showed off custom paint jobs of Xbox 360 controllers.Read more

Talking MMORPGs, From Ultima Online To Amazon's New World

For nearly three and a half decades, massively multiplayer online role-playing game fans have been wandering the digital wilderness, chopping down trees, hunting for boars, and getting murdered by other players while doing so. We did it in Ultima Online back in 1997, and we’re doing it in Amazon’s...

What's A 4X Game, And Why Do They Rule?

Here’s an experience we’ve all definitely had: It’s a Monday and your co-workers are gathering around the water cooler discussing the games they played over the weekend. “I can’t get enough of this new 4X game,” one of them declares. Excited by talk of video games, you make an effort to break into...

Here's Everything You Can Play During Steam's Big October Event

Steam Next Fest, previously known as the Steam Game Festival, is a week-long event in which users can play demos and watch previews for upcoming games, chat with developers, and give feedback on new titles, is returning for another round this October. The demos will only be available to play during...

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