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Genshin Leak Teases Massive Cliffhanger Resolution With Albedo

Hey, it’s me: the Kotaku staffer who explains why a random Genshin Impact character is trending on Twitter. Today, several notable Genshin Impact leakers stated that the geo element swordsman Albedo will be making an event appearance in the 2.3 update.Read more

Genshin Impact Villain Childe Deserves All The Events And Reruns

Not everyone is happy about Childe featuring heavily in the upcoming 2.2 update releasing on October 13, and I wish I could stop hearing about it. While he’s treated as a nuisance by characters in the game, it seems that the sentiment also carries over to the Genshin community. Read more

Genshin Impact’s Latest Character Announcement Is Bringing Out The Thirst

The Genshin Impact community is abuzz over the upcoming arrival of Arataki Itto, a new character who hails from the game’s Inazuma nation. In an unusual move, Genshin developer miHoYo formally announced the character today, well in advance of his story quest appearance in the game itself. While...

Genshin Impact Developers Launch Closed Beta For Space Fantasy RPG

Yesterday, Genshin Impact developer miHoYo announced that closed beta sign-ups for their new game Honkai: Star Rail will begin today. While it’s set in the same universe as the popular mobile game Honkai Impact 3rd, the announcement confirmed that Star Rail will be available for both mobile...

Finally, A Genshin Impact Event That’s Not A Huge Grind

I’ve celebrated my fair share of Chinese Mid-Autumn festivals, but if you’re expecting a heartwarming real life story about my experiences therein, prepare to be disappointed: I don’t usually plan anything. Mostly I just get to eat a lot of Chinese food and pretend that America gave me a public...

Genshin Impact’s Orchestral Soundtrack Is Unbelievably Good

Genshin Impact’s online concert last Sunday was a nonstop series of bangers, but the game really didn’t need one to convince me that it has one of the best video game scores I’ve heard in the past several years. So even if you’ve never played Genshin, I’d still like you to experience some of...

Genshin Impact's Latest Event Reminds Us It's Always Been Very Gay

Queer Genshin Impact players have been eating well this month. During the gacha game’s anniversary web event, playable character Chongyun blushed as he stood with another playable character, Xingqiu. Later during the Moonchase Festival main quest, Xingqiu offered to read a romance novel to...

Genshin Impact Made $2 Billion In A Year

Free-to-play game Genshin Impact made $2 billion on the Google Play and Apple App stores in its first year. That makes Genshin Impact the third most financially successful mobile game in the world, sitting comfortably behind Honor of Kings and PUBG Mobile. Excluding sales figures from China...

Ticked Off Genshin Impact Players Go On Review-Bomb Spree

Genshin Impact’s one-year anniversary is underway, but not all players are finding it a cause for celebration. For anyone familiar with the game’s community on social media or who follows some of its biggest streamers, it’s been impossible to escape players’ complaints about the anniversary...

One Year With Genshin Impact

Exactly one year ago today, Genshin Impact was released. We were almost six months into the coronavirus pandemic, and now, looking back, I can’t imagine my adventure starting any other way. The fantasy world of Teyvat became my safe harbor in a year filled with grief, uncertainty,...

Playing Genshin Impact's Last Update As Its Villain Was Eye-Opening

I’ve been building up my Raiden Shogun character so that I could use her to clear Genshin Impact’s latest chapter. She’s the main antagonist of the game’s Inazuma region, so I thought it would be interesting to attack and dethrone god using god herself. Read more

Genshin Impact Character That Isn't Even Out Yet Already Causing Fan Turmoil

It’s been a rough week for anyone who’s looking forward to playing Kokomi, a new healer coming to Genshin Impact tomorrow. Ever since leakers revealed that her passive talent boosts her healing abilities in exchange for completely nuking her critical hit rate (severely limiting her ability to deal...

Genshin Impact Fan Says They're Suing Devs For Changing A Character

Genshin Impact got a strong new character in September, Raiden Shogun, and she’s already sending waves through the player community. While most of the reception has been positive, a vocal minority believe that developer miHoYo misled fans expecting Raiden to work well with an existing playable...

I Still Can't Listen To Genshin Impact's Inaccurate English Voice Acting

Whenever I download Genshin Impact onto a new device, the first thing I do immediately is download the Chinese voice pack. I’m not a snob about dubs versus subs. The problem is that the English voice over turns my favorite characters into unrelatable strangers that I barely recognize. Read more

Genshin Impact Gives Aloy The World She Deserves

Aloy deserves to be in the Genshin Impact collaboration and the world it exists in. I’m not just saying that because she’s a great character. I enjoy seeing her thrive in Teyvat, which is kinder to her than her own Earth ever was.Read more

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