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Mega Events Company Won’t Let E3 Die, Promises ‘Return To Form’ In 2023

Like the video game with three endings, or the final boss fight that never ends, E3 refuses to die. Now the video game events world is doubling-down on it. ReedPop—organizers of PAX, New York Comic Con, and Star Wars Celebration—announced Thursday it will take over planning the annual summer gaming...

Team Fortress 2 Fans Inconsolable After PC Gaming Show Snub

Some poor Team Fortress 2 players—beleaguered by bots, stomachs growling from the game’s lack of major updates—wrongly believed they would finally get a dose of good news after spotting the Engineer character in a promotional image for PC Gamer’s PC Gaming Show on June 12. They did not.Read more

Dead Island 2 Hopefuls Get Played By Goat Simulator 3 Parody Trailer

Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game Fest ended yesterday with a bit of a plop. There were some interesting announcements, including a June 16 release date for TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge, but The Geoffening was mostly overshadowed by the smaller Day of the Devs presentation that immediately followed. Still...

Once Again, A Quiet Indie Games Show Upstages A Bombastic ‘AAA’ Event

Earlier today, Geoff Keighley kicked off this year’s Not-E3 season with Summer Game Fest, a loud, two-hour showcase of all the ways you’ll be able to murder people in video games over the next year or so. It was, to be quite honest, a lot. Thankfully, the folks at Day of the Devs showed...

Everything Shown At Summer Game Fest’s Big Kickoff Event

Summer Game Fest. Hot Geoff Summer. The Geoffening. Keigh3. Call it what you will, but despite a notable absence of E3 this year, the de facto high video game marketing season is nonetheless underway. Over the course of a streamed event that ran for two hours but felt like 2o, host Geoff Keighley...

E3 Says It's Coming Back In 2023

The Electronic Entertainment Expo used to be the cornerstone of the video game industry, the week that every publisher, developer and fan had circled in their calendars because it was where the biggest news, reveals and interviews of the year could be had.Read more

What To Expect From Summer Game Fest’s Big Not-E3 Event

With E3 2022 canceled, there’s a vacuum at the center of the video game marketing season. Many eyes are on Summer Game Fest for being both the lengthiest and the widest-ranging presser on the horizon. But the host, Geoff Keighley, recently saw fit to temper expectations ahead of the show, saying...

Report: E3 2022 Canceled

Pour one out for the “world reveals” and “world exclusives.” E3 won’t happen at all this summer, IGN reports.Read more

Ian Walker's Top Ten Games Of 2021

Writing up a “Top X Games Of X Year” list is always a slog, but all the ups and downs of 2021—both personal and global—made it even harder. Frankly, there were points over the last 12 months where the last thing I wanted to do was sit down and play a video game.Read more

The Top Ranked Steam Games of 2021, According To Users

Forget awards shows and press accolades. The top games of the year are really determined by player behavior. And if you want to see what people are playing, and loving, there are few places better than Steam, which was apparently dominated this year by a mix of games you’ve definitely heard...

A Decade Ago, Epic Announced Fortnite And A Lot Has Changed Since Then

This past Thursday, The Game Awards 2021 happened. It was a messy, ad-filled event that did, every once in a while, give out some awards. But before Geoff Keighley was in charge of The Game Awards, he was running Spike TV’s Video Game Awards. And in 2011, a decade ago this weekend, his old award...

Here's Everything Big That Was Announced & Shown At The 2021 Game Awards

Well, that’s a wrap! After a seemingly endless parade of ads, Geoff Keighley and more ads, peppered with celebrity appearances, musical performances and major game reveals, the 2021 Game Awards are done and in the bag. Here’s everything you missed, or caught and just want to catch up on all over...

Let’s Pick Winners For The 2021 Game Awards

It’s December, the month when little children’s thoughts turn to presents and big children’s thoughts turn to Geoff Keighley’s annual celebration of world-premiere trailers. And those trailers come with awards between them, bestowed upon the best games of the year as judged by professional game...

The Game Awards Won't Take Sides On Activision Fallout To Focus On Reveals

As Geoff Keighley’s annual Game Awards show enters its eighth year, the creator and host told The Washington Post today that he’s still thinking about how to “navigate” Activision Blizzard’s involvement in the ceremony following the latest reports of sexual misconduct at the publisher.Read more

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