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'Shop Contest: Baby Fallen

I don’t know much about Destiny’s lore or whatever. But I do know that the Fallen baby is adorable. Let’s have some fun with this infant that looks oddly similar to a grenade.Read more

'Shop Contest: Photo Bombing Pokémon Snap

New Pokémon Snap is out! That means my Twitter feed is currently filled with cute Pokémon photos. It’s honestly a nice change of pace. But let’s have some fun with these Pokemon photos!Read more

'Shop Contest: Lego Luigi

After a few early leaks, Nintendo and Lego officially confirmed that Lego Luigi is coming to joining his Lego brother in block jumping adventures. Sounds like a fun Photoshop contest to me! Read more

'Shop Contest: Easter Sunday 2021

To those who celebrate, Happy Easter! To those who don’t care or just realized today is Easter Sunday, happy Sunday! A year ago things were bad. Today, things are...still bad. But getting better! I think. Read more

'Shop Contest: The Rock Edition

According to weirdos on the internet, The Rock might be in Fortnite. Maybe? Who can really say? (Besides The Rock, his PR team, and Epic.) Regardless, let’s put The Rock in some video games!Read more

'Shop Contest: Bethesda+Microsoft

It’s official. Microsoft has completed its purchase of Bethesda. They had a whole roundtable discussion about it and everything. (More importantly, it was officially approved by regulators.) Let’s have some fun with these two companies now stapled together like some hideous mega-beast. Read more

'Shop Contest: The Imps From Artifact Need New Jobs

Artifact is dead, or at least it won’t be updated anymore which for online games is basically the same thing as dead. That means the two imps seen in Artifact, both in-game and in promo artwork, need a new gig. Let’s help ‘em out! Read more

'Shop Contest: New Mail Truck

Did you hear the big news? Sit down, folks. I’m happy to tell you that the United States Postal Service is getting...NEW TRUCKS! They look kind of dorky, but cute. Let’s have some fun with them. Read more

'Shop Contest: Super Bowl 2021

The big game! The final match. The super thing! Whatever you call it, the Super Bowl is today. Seems weird to hold a Super Bowl during a pandemic, but hey, what do I know. Read more

GIFS and prefers-reduced-motion

The <picture> element has a trick it can do where it shows different image formats in different situations. If all you are interested in is formats for the sake of performance, maybe you’d do: <picture<source srcset="img/waterfall.avif" type="image/avif"<source...

Pausing a GIF with details/summary

Steve Faulkner has a clever idea here. You can show an (animated) GIF and overlay a pause/play button on top of it — which is really a <details>/<summary> element. When toggled, a (non-animated) JPG inside covers the GIF, effectively “pausing” it. Adrian Roselli calls...

Masking GIFs with other GIFs

The other day, Cassie Evans tweeted a really neat trick that I’ve never seen before: using SVG to mask one GIF on top of another. The effect is quite lovely, especially if you happen to grab a colorful GIF and place it on top of a monochrome one:  See the Pen Masking gifs with other gifs......

Reduced Motion Picture Technique, Take Two

Did you see that neat technique for using the <picture> element with <source media=""> to serve an animated image (or not) based on a prefers-reduced-motion media query? After we shared that in our newsletter, we got an interesting reply from Michael Gale: What about folks who love...

TOP GIFy týdne: Gifová olympiáda 2018

Mezi nejsledovanější disciplíny letošní gifové olympiády bezesporu patří epické sundávání brýlí, curling s robotickým vysavačem a trocha toho štěkání a mňoukání. Winter 2018 PyeongChang Best hair reveal ever  The winter Olympics are on point Teddy Bear Kiss Cam Superman! when you’re bored...

TOP GIFy týdne: Aport!

Dobrý aport je jako GIF – co chvíli se to celé zopakuje. A tak pořád dokola!Puppy tries to entice cats to play with him. Forever Fetching ∞ Incredibly athletic 8 year old It is only logical. This Desk Has Secret Compartments Accessible Via RFID Card „Is that him? It’s him!… Číst...

TOP GIFy týdne: Psí burrito

Váš hlad po šťavnatých GIFech spolehlivě zažene naše týdenní menu! Corgi Burrito Sweet buffet! Aww, shucks. Living with a fox „I’m gonna sleep next to you.“ „Holy shit I actually caught it!“ Winter fun: Who drowns whom LED cube When your best friend is kinda dumb,...

TOP GIFy týdne: Vánoce, Vánoce přicházejí

Vánoční GIFy přicházejí, zpívejme přátelé! Little girl knows exactly what she wants for Christmas. Helping set up the Christmas tree :P K9 Lightening Bolt Gate leap Taking Star Wars to a new level New kind of spa offers full-body puppy therapy 2000HP Lamborghini Gallardo goes off track at over...

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