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An Ode To Google Chrome’s Dinosaur Game

This morning, I faced a problem you can probably relate to: my internet went out. As many of us working from home would, I scrambled to let my co-workers know and restarted my router hopefully. But, just as my heartbeat started racing, I was met with a familiar dinosaur friend.Read more

Gaze Upon My Browser Extensions and Despair

They’re not what any of us would call “intimate,” but you can really tell a lot about a person from a quick glance at the browser extensions they use. Is your boyfriend’s browser decorated with favicons from Evernote, Trello, and literally nothing else? He’s either a type-A perfectionist or zen...

Use These Apps to Make Windows 10 Feel Like a Chromebook

Nothing against Windows 10, but if you want to simplify it a bit by giving it the Chromebook treatment—tweaking various settings and UI elements to make them a bit easier to deal with, or simply integrating some of a Chromebook’s more useful features directly into Windows 10 itself—nobody is going...

This Might Be the Only YouTube Browser Extension You'll Ever Need

YouTube is a real mixed bag. It’s home to so much of our favorite stuff on the internet, but the experience of using website itself isn’t great—filled with distracting recommendations, poor personalization, and ads, ads, ads—unless you take advantage of desktop browser extensions that can make...

How to Get Rid of Reddit's Persistent Mobile Popup

You would think, given its recent $6 billion valuation, Reddit would have the confidence to get rid of the pop-up the site serves up whenever you try to visit anything on its domain in your mobile browser (when you’re not logged in), begging you to use the app instead. Alas.Read more

Fraudulent Crypto Browser Extension Redirects to a Fake Metamask Domain

A crypto intelligence firm has raised red flags about an increasing flow of comments in the crypto community about an ongoing phishing campaign, which is stealing funds from people who install a malicious browser extension. Chrome Browser Extension Is Redirecting Crypto Users to a Fake Metamask...

Google Chrome začíná nativně blokovat obtěžující a rušivé reklamy

Nejpoužívanější webový prohlížeč Google Chrome začíná od dneška, 15. února nativně blokovat reklamu. Google chce z webových stránek odstranit otravné a rušivé reklamy, které zhoršují uživatelský zážitek. To je z pohledu uživatelů jistě vítaný krok. Rozhodně se však neobchází bez jisté kontroverze...

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