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Halo Infinite Finally Gets Co-Op Next Month, But As A Beta

Halo Infinite will finally get some form of co-op for its campaign, 343 Industries announced today. It’ll be playable as one of those basically-just-a-beta “technical flights,” the same method the studio used last summer to get players into the first-person shooter’s initial multiplayer...

Halo Infinite Update Is So Big It Requires A Table Of Contents

Halo Infinite’s second season kicked off today, ushering in a handful of new maps, modes, and cosmetics to the popular multiplayer shooter. Developer 343 Industries detailed all of the minor changes in patch notes that are so long they come with a six-chapter table of contents. They’re so long that...

Halo: Infinite Is Now Playable In Third-Person

While Halo: Infinite is a first-person game by design, that doesn’t mean, like so many other games designed to be played a certain way, we can’t play it another way if we want.Read more

Halo Infinite’s New Mode Is So Good It Should Be Permanent

Step aside, Slayer. There’s a new deathmatch in Halo Infinitown: Attrition, a team-based mode wherein teammates share a limited pool of lives. It’s a total blast, an easy way to spice up Halo sessions, and a terrific addition to the first-person shooter’s arguably sparse range of playable...

Halo Infinite Hotfix Doesn’t Work, Big Team Battle Still Busted

Halo Infinite’s troubled big team battle mode will remain troubled for the foreseeable future. Developer 343 Industries rolled out a hotfix today, but it didn’t quite work as intended, Halo community director Brian Jarrard confirmed on Twitter.Read more

Wendy’s Roasts Xbox Over Lack Of Halo Infinite Campaign Co-op

In case you forgot, 343 Industries’ Halo Infinite doesn’t have co-op play in its campaign mode. Well, the fast-food burger company Wendy’s hasn’t forgotten, and decided to hit Twitter to roast the official Xbox account over the lack of inclusion of the mode at launch.Read more

Let's Talk About That Bonkers Halo Infinite Ending

Despite its name, Halo Infinite is very literally finite. Like most story-driven games, 343’s barnbuster first-person shooter comes to a conclusion—and, man, it is bananas, teeing up all sorts of implications for where Halo’s narrative could go. By now, a bunch of you have seen it for yourselves....

What Are Your Video Game Resolutions For 2022?

It’s funny to think how, just seven short years ago, we were sketching out our video game resolutions for 2021. Now we’re back at it, planning our hopes and dreams for how we’ll play and think about games in 2022.Read more

Halo Infinite Dev Dishes About The Game’s Most Shocking Moment

The most shocking moment in Halo Infinite isn’t about exploding a derelict ancient space station or accidentally awakening a once-slumbering threat. It’s a brief exchange between two main characters, one that reveals the extent to which Halo protagonist Master Chief would go to fulfill what he sees...

Zack Zwiezen's Top 10 Games Of 2021

Well, 2021 was a wild, awful mess of a year. I don’t need to recap what made 2021 so bad because, if you are reading this, you already know. We all live on Earth (I assume) so no point going over it all. Just, yeah, what a shitty year, huh?Read more

Your Halo Infinite Spartan Can Now Wear Cat Ears And It's About Damn Time

Wasn’t I just commending Halo Infinite a couple of weeks ago for letting me wear cutesy stuff like sunflowers and roses? Now I’m back to sing its praises for a different type of armor attachment that will be a familiar sight to egirls and weebs alike. Yes, Master Chief can now wear cat ears. This...

Halo Infinite’s Winter Event Unfortunately Demands A Big Time Commitment

Halo Infinite has a seasonal event starting today. Like Infinite’s prior event, a ton of cosmetic options are up for grabs, some of which are cool, all of which are free. This event, however, is more of a time commitment than anything else from the popular multiplayer shooter thus far, requiring...

Halo Infinite Glitch Allows For Campaign Couch Co-op

Halo Infinite may have launched without the series’ ever-popular co-op feature, but an innovative player has discovered a glitch that makes playing locally with a friend possible, albeit in a limited capacity. Read more

Halo Infinite Fans Don’t Wanna Shell Out $18 For A Set Of Old Armor

Like clockwork, players of Halo Infinite’s free-to-play multiplayer mode are bristling at the price of a cosmetic item. But wait! It’s different this time, I promise. For one, the backlash comes on the heels of a positively received slew of changes in Halo Infinite. For another, it’s only partially...

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