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Happy 20th Birthday, Game Boy Advance

Today, June 11, marks the 20th anniversary of the release of the Game Boy Advance in the U.S. Please put on your hats and inflate your balloons.Read more

Report: Valve Is Making A Switch-Like Portable Codenamed SteamPal

If the Nintendo Switch has proven anything, it’s that being able to play previously PC-only indies on the go rules. Soon, though, you might not need to wait for Switch ports of your Steam-powered faves: a new report claims Valve is working on its own handheld.Read more

Evercade Turns Its Cartridge-Based Retro Handheld Into A Console

The Evercade is a lovely retro handheld that plays games sold in delightful cartridge-based collections. The Evercade VS is a new $100 retro console from the makers of the original Evercade with dual cartridge ports and support for four-player local multiplayer. Read more

Don’t Worry: There Are Enough Analogue Pockets For Everyone

Last August, many of us missed out on pre-ordering a Pocket, the beautiful all-in-one handheld console from Seattle-based hardware manufacturer Analogue. With a restock now confirmed for 2021, the company has promised to beef up its servers and crack down on resellers to help ensure folks are able...

I Wish My Switch Would Still Hold A Charge

The Switch was the first Nintendo console I ever bought at launch. Almost four years later, it’s clearly seen better days, which I wouldn’t mind if it could survive out of the dock for more than a couple days at a time.Read more

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