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Mother 3 Gets An Updated English Patch On Its 15th Anniversary

The folks behind the wonderful English translation of Mother 3 are still working on the project over a decade later. Earlier today—which also happens to be the 15th anniversary of Nintendo’s milestone RPG in Japan—they dropped a new patch that irons out some lingering bugs in the unofficial...

Nintendo Unveils New Blue Switch Lite, Which May Also Be Purple

After a year and a half of noncommittal colors like grey, turquoise, bad mayonnaise yellow, and coral, Nintendo gives us a Switch Lite that’s confident enough to call itself blue, even though it’s sort of purplish, depending on your eyes and/or display settings. Read more

New Beginnings: The Sobering Journey To Restore My Game Boy Micro

We all have our coping mechanisms. Last summer, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, mine was reliving my childhood by purchasing old models from Nintendo’s long-retired Game Boy lineup. While I’m not a particularly nostalgic person—hell, I didn’t even grow up with half the consoles I’ve...

The Nintendo Download: 31 New Games For The Switch This Week

Every week, Nintendo releases a list of new games coming to the Switch. It is, almost always, a very long list. This week’s list includes Spry Fox’s Cozy Grove, Switch Online exclusive Pac-Man 99, the Switch version of The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV, and 28 more games, many of which...

The Best Controller Chargers for the Latest Video Game Consoles

There are … a lot of video game controllers this day. Gone are the days of each console having one official controller and a handful of third-party knockoffs. If you grab a Switch, you’ll have both Joy-Cons and the Pro Controller to choose from. Xbox owners can grab a standard Wireless Controller...

Fortnite Looks Better On Switch Now

Fortnite got a “performance and resolution boost” on Switch yesterday, developer Epic announced. The game should now look and run better, and the file size is smaller too.Read more

The cometh: The rise and fall of the Game Boy’s weirdest rivals

There was a time—from roughly April of 1989 until the mobile revolution of the last 10 years—when “mobile gaming” meant something very different to the vast majority of people. Specifically, it meant Nintendo. Even as the Console Wars raged at home, the Japanese giant’s iron-fingered...

Super Nintendo World Finally Opens In Japan

After not one but two delays, Super Nintendo World finally opened today. As Being Kansai reports, lines started forming by 6:30 AM, with a good crowd forming within an hour. Read more

Nintendo, Please Just Let Me Play Zelda: The Minish Cap On Switch

The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap was the only fully original Zelda game released on the Game Boy Advance. It is also one of the better Zeldas, even among a crowded field of games that range from great to amazing. Unfortunately, in the year 2021 there’s no easy way to play it.Read more

Hey Nintendo, A Few More Requests For That Fancy New Switch

As the latest rumors about the Switch Pro/Super Nintendo Switch fly all about us, everyone is focused on the potential for that Samsung 7" OLED screen, and just how well it’ll pull off its 4K resolution in docked mode . But if Mario HQ is currently piecing together components, we have a...

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