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Hawkeye Did You...Fart?

This week on Snapshots, we’ve got some desolate landscapes, a cool-looking hovercar, a curious bear, a lonely flower, an old guy wearing a hat, and a superhero in a green cloud of... gas? Read more

Hawkeye Can't Save Marvel's Avengers

Like a sexy civilian in a superhero movie, Marvel’s Avengers needs saving. Someone, or something, needs to swoop in with panache and 11th-hour heroics. And the hero up at bat is...Hawkeye? Really? Him?Read more

Marvel's Avengers, Six Months Later

Marvel’s Avengers was as plagued by buzz as it was inertia. Before the game released, it was defined by a chaotic din of muddy messaging, sky-high expectations, and that little thing called the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After launch, the conversation shifted: Would it become another success like...

The Avengers Grind Is About To Become More Of A Grind

On March 18, Marvel’s Avengers will receive some much-needed new content when Hawkeye joins the roster. But that’s not all. In that same update, the game’s XP system will receive a major overhaul, developer Crystal Dynamics announced today.Read more

Kate Bishop Makes Avengers Exciting Again, At Least For A Few Hours

The Kate Bishop version of Hawkeye has arrived as a new playable character for Marvel’s Avengers, bringing with her three or four hours of fresh single-player content to Square Enix’s stale co-op superhero game. To be fair, any new playable character would have had the same effect, but Kate...

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