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Almost 500 ‘New’ Xbox, Dreamcast Prototypes Just Got Released

Project Deluge, a video game archival project from The Hidden Palace, may be the single biggest game preservation effort yet undertaken. Since March, this dedicated group of video game archivists has been releasing many hundreds of unreleased prototypes for classic systems, and now, it’s...

The Ascent Devs Dish On The Messy Launch For 2021’s Best Sci-Fi RPG

The Ascent is a modern game dev bingo card. First, it debuted at a splashy publisher event. Then, it was announced with a coveted November release date (and as a next-gen launch title, no less); then it was delayed. It was of course hyped as a day-one Game Pass title; and eventually, launched...

The New Gaming Console That's Become A Giant Car Crash, Explained

On October 22, 2018, Intellivision unveiled the Amico, a family-friendly retro console. The pitch: The games would be simple to play and cost no more than $8. The console itself would retail at about $180 with all games being exclusive to the console. In that initial trailer, the Amico was given...

Here's Why Folks Think Nintendo Might Be Bringing N64 To Switch

If you’ve been on Twitter lately, you may have noticed that folks are spinning their gears contemplating the nature of a mysterious “game controller” application that Nintendo just filed with the Federal Communications Commission. Most seem to think it’s related to a rumored, upcoming expansion...

The Saga Behind The New PS5's Heatsink, Explained

Over the last few weeks, much hay has been made about the PlayStation 5, specifically a new revision of the Sony console that includes a smaller heatsink. Early reports criticized this change for leading to increased temperatures during operation, but fears that this would impact performance have...

The Best GameCube Games

Ah, the GameCube. It might be my favourite console of all time. The tiny discs, its cute little handle, the Wavebird...yeah, we had some good times together. But the best times we had were with these games in particular.Read more

The New PS5 Update Quietly Fixes Console's Most Annoying Problem

Today’s big PlayStation 5 software update brings a bevy of much-needed features to the console, adding, among other things, the ability to play PS5 games that are stored on external solid-state drives (SSD). But it also quietly fixed the PS5’s most annoying quirk: You can finally turn off that...

The World Seems Ready For A Nintendo Switch Price Cut

The Nintendo Switch has received its first price cut in certain parts of the world, dropping from €330 in Europe and €280 in the UK down to €270 and €260, respectively. But while fans hoped the same could happen in the U.S., especially with sites like VGC insisting a cut is coming, Nintendo says...

The PS5 Is Getting A Major Update

The PS5 is getting a slew of new features in a massive software update set to go live around the world on September 15, Sony announced in a PlayStation blog post today.Read more

The Nintendo GameCube Is Now Twenty Years Old

On September 14, 2001, the GameCube first went on sale for the first time in Japan. Two months later, on November 18, the console was released in North America. Can you believe it’s been twenty years? Facing off against the PlayStation 2 and the Xbox, the GameCube was the first Nintendo console...

Sony Seems Ready To Start Leaving The PS4 Behind

Despite radio silence regarding a full-length Astro’s Playroom, Sony’s fall showcase was nothing if not a success. But between the splashy trailers and genuinely surprising announcements, one thing was clear: Sony seems poised to leave PlayStation 4 owners behind.Read more

This Thrilling New PS5 Action Game Is A Whole Vibe

Today during the Sony PlayStation Showcase Project EVE was announced developed by Shift Up Corporation. It’s a character action game set in a post-apocalyptic world, featuring nasty creatures and sick combat movies. Read more

Porno Hustlers Of The Atari Age

October 14, 1982 saw what was then the largest protest in video game history when a crowd of 200-300 Native Americans, feminists, and anti-porn activists gathered outside a trade show in New York to protest the offensive Atari 2600 game Custer’s Revenge.Read more

Report: It Sure Sounds Like Game Boy Games Are Coming To Switch Online

It’s no secret that Nintendo’s vast back catalog is among the most untapped troves in modern gaming. But soon, it’s about to be a little less untapped, as games from the Game Boy and Game Boy Color library are apparently slated to join Nintendo Switch Online, Eurogamer reports.Read more

Nintendo Confirms The Obvious: It Won't Be At The Tokyo Game Show

On September 30, this year’s Tokyo Game Show will kick off. Once again, because of the pandemic, the online-only event will not be in person. And, once again, Nintendo will not be showing up. This evening, Japan time, Nintendo tweeted out that it will not be exhibiting its own games at Tokyo Game...

Global Chip Shortage Will Continue For Another Year

Earlier this year, Kotaku reported that the global chip shortage, which impacts everything from graphics cards to PS5, was becoming a “crisis.” Now, Toshiba is warning that the shortage will continue for another year. Read more

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