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Chess Looks Wild In 2021

This week we figure out how tall the very big lady from Resident Evil Village is, flip out a Bernie chair, learn what games will be free for Xbox Live Gold subscribers this month, buy 900lbs of PlayStation consoles and check in on chess YouTube in 2021. Read more

Cyberpunk 2077’s First Major Patch Is Finally Out For All Platforms

Like the federal government, CD Projekt Red dropped a major update at 5 p.m. on a Friday. The first major patch for Cyberpunk 2077 is officially out, nine days after the developer apologized for the state of the game’s console release and promised a major patch within ten days. Patch 1.1 addresses...

Here's February 2021's Xbox Live Games With Gold

Perhaps to try and take a bit of the sting out of announcing that Xbox Live Gold will now cost $120 a year, Microsoft announced some pretty good Games with Gold for next month. February’s lineup is headlined by Gears 5, which is excellent and also just got a very good DLC expansion. Dandara is also...

Wario Isn't Evil, He's Honest

Mario was back for another adventure. But this time, it was personal. Hiroji Kiyotake, the director of 1992’s Game Boy hit Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins, wanted to pursue the idea that this time Mario wouldn’t be fighting to help or save someone else. Hence: Wario, Mario’s...

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