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Everything Is Left 4 Dead Now

It wasn’t too long ago that it seemed like Left 4 Dead was six feet under. Sure, there were Warhammer games that followed in its footsteps, but there’s a Warhammer game for every existing genre—and several genres that haven’t been invented yet. Now, though, everybody’s doing first-person co-op...

Netflix's Resident Evil Casts A Great Albert Wesker

Netflix announced today that Lance Reddick has been cast as baddie Albert Wesker in the upcoming live-action Resident Evil series. Alongside that bombshell, Netflix announced five other actresses who will be starring in the series. Read more

Dying Light, A 6-Year-Old Game, Just Got Free DLC

Six years, four months, and three weeks ago, a major developer released a big-budget action game set in a sprawling open world. In 2018, that same developer announced a sequel slated for the following year. It has since been delayed. And now, the original game is getting more content. Such is...

Days Gone Mod Makes Zombie Hordes Ludicrously Large

It was only a matter of time until Days Gone’s newfound PC audience began to tear out its insides and refashion them into something gnarlier, and now that day has arrived. A new mod ups freaker (aka zombie) horde sizes to the point where they basically blot out your whole screen.Read more

Resident Evil Village vs Resident Evil 4: The Best Merchant

In one corner, a large, helpful man who sells weapons and cooks meals. In the other corner, a mysterious figure who has a lot of good things on sale today, stranger. He also might be infected? It’s time to figure out who’s better: The Duke from Resident Evil Village or The Merchant from RE4. Read...

Graven Looks Great, But Right Now It’s A Bit Boring

Graven is the latest game from resurrected publisher 3D Realms. Like its recent releases Ion Fury and Wrath, Graven is a throwback to 1990s PC first-person shooters, this time being a spiritual successor to Hexen and Heretic. It’s a visual delight to run around the world of Graven, kicking bad guys...

Dying Light 2 Gets A December Release Date And A Gameplay Trailer

The eagerly and often angrily-awaited sequel to Techland’s 2015 survival horror action-adventure game finally has a concrete release date. The gates to humankind’s final stronghold swing wide on December 7 when Dying Light 2 Stay Human arrives on PlayStations, Xboxes, and PC.Read more

Doom II's Revenant Is Wearing Pants Made Of Flesh AKA Flants

Whenever I played Doom II, I just assumed the deadly Revenant was just wearing some red pants. Now, according to John Romero himself (in a very serious, not-at-all-joking tweet), we now know those pants are made out of flesh. Or as Romero calls them, flants.Read more

Resident Evil Village Used To Have A Lot More Enemies

While you certainly face mini-hordes from time to time, Resident Evil Village isn’t a game that just throws enemies at you willy-nilly. But that wasn’t always the case. Capcom’s latest behind-the-scenes video shows that some early builds apparently included an overwhelming number of foes, which...

I Thought Resident Evil Village's Dollhouse Was A Chill Time, Actually

The internet has been filled with folks sharing their thoughts about the dollhouse section in Resident Evil Village. Many call it scary or even terrifying. But, I didn’t find the location all that scary at all. In fact, I found the whole section rather calming and even fun.Read more

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